Itching urticaria patients is how to do so formed

Urticaria is how did this happen urticaria is a common skin disease not only affects the appearance of the patient, but also makes the patient very sick, affecting normal life and work of the patient。
Urticaria patients want to shake off the disease, stop itching。 Only by understanding the cause of disease in order to better prevention, then, is how did this happen urticaria urticaria patients how to relieve itching it a look at it。
1 is how the formation urticaria, pollen: the pollen season, pollen grains fine during propagation in the air will be dispersed, and as the air flow and flying around, part of which will be inhaled simultaneously skin absorption。 2, dust: dust chronic urticaria in the dust is a life of a microorganism chronic urticaria reaction, is the most common chronic urticaria。
Chronic urticaria fibers include cotton dust, fibers and a variety of fur, fur of animals, etc.。 3, Cosmetics: the most typical cosmetic fragrance is chronic urticaria chronic urticaria, and other cosmetics restraining water containing alcohol will have a certain skin irritation。 Others, such as chemical and biological preservatives, acid, etc. can cause different stimuli for different skin。 4, food: common is seafood, mango, nuts foods can cause chronic urticaria。 5, the drug: penicillin, sulfa drugs, etc., may lead to skin chronic urticaria。
6, age hives is how the formation of: age and immune imbalance is a major cause of chronic urticaria recipe。 7, pets: domestic pets produce chronic urticaria phenomenon。 For pets such for reasons mainly due to chronic urticaria cats and body substances scattered into the air, human contact causing chronic urticaria。