A six Singles

Singles today is people say, since it is a festival, I think it is food to eat。In view of this my department manager will arrange so colleagues to his home to eat hot pot dinner。In fact, today I was not at work, colleagues telephone notification。At first I was so tell my colleagues that the last row of fake when I accidentally put his fake row today, mainly because the company is not at work bachelor's, bachelor's festival reflects what humane way。Unexpectedly colleagues say, you better get a go of it, there are so many lesbians Ford to work, proximity and easier it。I think the thing is to have a feeling of fate, not wishful thinking ah, ah get sexual gratification, I am not not do this fate, so the festival is more than the common people of a single compensation, thanks Singles, this very date fun holiday。    When it comes to the feelings of the things I is not no, I have written about my feelings in my article。Those things are written first love is a very pure love, this love is always memorable time to time, regardless of the final success or failure are very happy, very nostalgia。Always inadvertently think of, but also inadvertently always sad, always inadvertently feel very happy。I think this feeling everyone's heart there, this is a stage of growth。    Love this thing on everyone's mind is very important。Because it is the first page in the history of a person's love, regardless of whether the final success, when people still recall the first to see and think。Like when we read a book, the first chapter of the first page always see the most, especially students, often the first chapter of the first page is the best school。So love is one of the world's most profound feelings of things。    First love is the cornerstone of our feelings grow, no matter what brings happiness or his meaning is beyond。We also feel unnecessary for the failure of unhappy love, love you had to prove you have a certain practice love, you grow up。I love success, and that is the most happy, and people can start together like the last is a very happy thing。    Friends often told me that you have Laotaibuxiao, how always get out of the shadow of love。In fact, I do not get out of the shadow of first love, when I began to say the feelings are also required to have a fate, this is not a fate you can not。In fact, a few years later I still love failure experienced unforgettable simple affair, although not long maintained, I was deeply feel the magic of love, but in the end I still I do not have a good grasp。    In this regard, there is a husband also told me that I would love to be better after 25, their numerology is not good, it will affect their studies and career to fall in love before 25。In fact, you would say I do too superstitious, not worthy of the letter, in my opinion this gentleman is good for me and 25 for a person is the best and most healthy start to love age。From the moral feelings, the ability to completely responsible person should be a mature person now。For this, I think it is better to think of something superstitious believed, at least this is a responsible for their own life。Too young love only feelings do not matter, it is unrealistic。    Singles do not today, let us take these bachelor in his spare time to celebrate and enjoy myself a happy person, a happy life is also good for the good intention about their future。    My cousin got married the day after tomorrow, I am here to bless their marriage date on the feeling of the dawn Singles cousin, it is too monumental a。Of course, here I want to bless the whole world lovers to get married, happiness。   2011-11-11