Hong Kong primary schools to strengthen national education school students set out to strengthen national identity

  [World Wide Web Roundup] Hong Kong Committee on Home-School Co-operation recently released in mid-2017, "Primary School Profiles", Hong Kong media have found that at least 20 school students set out to strengthen the national identity of the educational establishment。
  According to Hong Kong "Ming Pao Daily News" reported on the 5th, Mrs Lam said that after taking office will continue to promote national education in Hong Kong Secretary for Education Yangrun Xiong also said that national education must be implemented in the future will strengthen timely, but does not set a fixed target。
"Ming Pao" Check out the latest release of "Primary School Profiles" found that about 500 schools, at least 20 schools set out to strengthen the national identity of the student's identity, the majority is done through the exchange with the Mainland。 In addition, at least 46 schools listed in the implementation of Putonghua to teach Chinese (Putonghua to teach Chinese Language) in the teaching plan。
  SKH Tin Shui Wai Ling Oi Primary School Principals Kong Weicheng said, will arrange for the exchange of students each year to participate in the Mainland。
He said the group preferred to do the exchange of teaching content related to travel, such as Five and Six Grades science and common sense Opium War and Sun Yat-sen deeds, Dongguan and Zhongshan will choose to visit Lin and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, so closely linked to the knowledge of students。 Buddhist Lim Kim Tian Memorial Primary School principal Li Yuzhi said that just signed with a school in the mainland sister school agreement that will take students to a sister school in riddles, rattan weaving, calligraphy and other activities, students are expected to feel the traditional Chinese culture。 Li Yuzhi said, the school flag-raising ceremony every month, every week will sing the national anthem, flag and anthem for students to experience the solemn。   NPC Standing Committee recently voted by the "National Anthem Law", will be included in "Basic Law" in Annex III of Hong Kong, the implementation of local legislation。
"Anthem Law" stipulates that the national anthem should be primary and secondary schools as an important part of patriotic education, the Education Bureau of Hong Kong in July this year has been updated "General Studies Curriculum Guide," back in "National Anthem Law" through education as the core of the national anthem before the learning elements。 (Li Jin)。