Mountain climbing essential skills so more healthy

What are the essential skills of climbing is climbing we are very familiar with the sport, I believe many people will climb by exercise。
Even climbing has a lot of benefits, but many people may have also a lot of common sense it is not clear climbing。
Following small mountain to bring the necessary skills for everyone, so hiking is more healthy Oh!Essential climbing skills now immediately turn to a year Chongyang, you know Chung Yeung has always been a long time。 Climbing is a skill, do not believe。
Even walking yet have the skills to speak of in the plains, the mountain climbing skills when there are more。 We all know that warm-up, at school, to a physical education teacher will let us first carry out warm-up exercises before starting a formal class。 Climbing also belong to the movement, naturally before exercise should be a good warm-up for the job。
You know, the body has not yet entered the state on the climb, you can do a disgruntled body。
Methods A lot of people just started up the mountain when the mountain because of sentiment and passion to move forward on the head raise chest。
This is not to say bad state of mind, but want the summit, we should pay attention to save energy。 Do not waste the mountains before their energy, may wish to use a small step, slowly up the hill。
If you want to climb through enhanced leg strength may wish to adopt stride, appropriate reference speed。 The mountain is not like everyone did, just hard enough energy to go on their way, there is no extra effort to climb up again later。 After climbing the necessary skills to go home do not worry a lot of people down, bounce hurry to go home and rest。 As everyone knows, so that one will lead to sore muscle lactate accumulation second is becoming larger and powerful muscles, he climbed out of the small thick legs。 Why not do something down and then stretching exercises to relax the muscles of the heart was concerned it would appear vomiting, dizziness and other symptoms in the climbing process, it is likely that the process of climbing physical overruns in favor of a heart beating too fast。 So, in the climbing process should pay attention to rest, fatigue is not。