"HNA system" how the?Its shares fell more than just suspension has 6 | HNA Department | suspension | naval base

  Shao good Hanyuan Fei suffered abnormal stock price limit of the night, emergency announcement that, due to planning major issues suspend。
So far, the "Department of Hainan Airlines' 10's A-share companies, has six in a suspended state。 Up to six companies on its suspension, HNA side responded Shangzheng Bao reporters that the group's holding companies each parameter were based on its own strategic planning and business development needs, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the Exchange has applied for suspension。
During the suspension, according to regulatory rules listed company timely disclosure matters progress, all information in the information disclosure of listed companies legal subject to the notice published in the media。
Up to now, HNA Group's financial condition, in cooperation with domestic and overseas major financial institutions as usual and maintain good relations of cooperation。
  Soon, in the case of five companies have been suspended, the "Department of Hainan Airlines' s three A-share companies ,, naval base stock suddenly dropped quickly after the opening morning of January 22, and shouted" lie "the daily limit。 To close, naval base, the more shares the sea close to the limit, Hainan Airlines fell innovation%。
In volume terms, Hainan Airlines innovation, more shares the sea were recently released a huge amount of turnover respectively million and one hundred million yuan。   After Hours Charts show more shares the sea, Shanghai Minhang District Bijiang Road business sites listed to sell the top position, selling the amount of yuan, accounting for% of the total amount sold the day。 Headquarters Sales appear in top place to buy, buy the amount of yuan, accounting for the total amount of the buy-%。
  In addition, the A-share listed companies, "HNA Line" 's other two are still trading in its shares ,, also a larger decline in the day, closed down as of% and%。   Why is the case for collective share price decline occurs, Hainan Airlines innovation, more shares the sea, naval base and other companies have not been disclosed in the announcement。   Not long before, "Department of Hainan Airlines' company has released some of its holdings of shareholders, expected earnings announcement, etc.。
For example, Hainan Airlines basis December 29, 2017 announcement, the company intends to shareholders of Hainan Airlines Co. plan since December 29, 2017 within six months, holdings of shares through the Shanghai Stock Exchange system, an aggregate amount not less than the current Company % of total issued shares, not to exceed the current total issued shares of 1%。 Hainan Airlines invested at January 18 this year, disclosed the 2017 annual results notice, the current period is expected to achieve attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 10 million to 25 million yuan, an increase of% to%。   In addition to these five companies, "HNA system" other listed A shares of the platform ,,, and, for reasons both major issues such as suspension。 However, major issues what is what, hit a major asset restructuring determine whether the five companies did not give a clear answer。
  Hainan Airlines Foundation announced on January 22, the evening became "HNA Line" 's first six Suspensions。 The company said in a statement, received a letter from the controlling shareholder of Hainan Airlines Holdings foundation, which is planning to major issues involving the company, because there are significant uncertainties, upon application, the company stock since opening January 23 suspension。
  In no significant bad, even good companies are still frequent cases, "HNA Line" 's why the collective company's share price fell?Although Hainan Airlines aspects did not disclose more information, but related to the company's equity pledge concern。 According to Chinese accounting data, naval base currently sell unlimited number of pledged shares as a million shares, a limited number of shares million shares pledged to pledge a total of 31 items pen, pledge the number of shares the company's total capital ratio is%。   On the company's total number of shares pledged capital ratio this data, the more shares the sea to% to% HNA innovation, investment HNA%, Northeast Electric is%。 Has been suspended companies, Hainan Airlines Holdings, Caesar tourism, Tianhai investment, the Bohai Sea Holdings of the data% respectively,%,% and%。