Synaptics screen Fingerprint chip solution: put on the market early next year

Although Apple's FaceID3D face recognition technology concern, but we can not forget that before the highly anticipated next screen fingerprint recognition technology has made new progress。 Following this summer, Qualcomm announced the next screen fingerprint solutions, now well-known human-computer interaction design and manufacturing solutions company Synaptics officially released ClearIDFS9500 family fingerprint sensor, the sensor can be realized by means of screen Fingerprint recognition。
It is reported that the working principle of the sensor is illuminated with a screen and reflected by the hand on the screen fingerprint identification by reflected light。 In addition, it incorporates a stack of complete security AES encryption and authentication of all kinds。 According to the Synaptics, the sensor is expected to be integrated into the entire OLED screen, thereby further reducing the space occupied by the phone。
Also worth mentioning is that, Synaptics said they have entered into a partnership with one of the manufacturers one of the world's top five smart phone, the program has been in volume production。
Whether S9 will be starting the program, we'll see。