CBA official announcement: Shandong Tao Hanlin, mansions Fortson suspended for one game each

  Shandong Tao Hanlin, mansions Fortson suspended for one game each Yangzi Evening News (reporter Zhang Chen Xing) March 14, CBA's official announcement, Shandong team Tao Hanlin, mansions team Fortson were sentenced to reprimand, suspended for one game and fined 50,000 yuan punishment。
  When the fourth quarter to 9 minutes and 55 seconds left in the CBA playoffs quarter-finals, Jiangsu and Shandong team match March 13, the Shandong team Tao Hanlin No. 20 player in the team before the field to grab the offensive rebound dunk after scoring, the use of the Jiangsu team No. 11 defensive player Wu Guanxi insulting language; proceed to Section 5 minutes 24 seconds left in the Shenzhen team match and mansions, mansions team No. 4 Fortson made to the referee Tukou water movement。 For the serious league discipline, according to the 2017-2018 season, "Chinese Basketball Association disciplinary guidelines" Chapter II Article 30, second paragraph of the provision, made the punishment。   In addition, due to the partial audience abuse the visiting team and referees Changzhou division multiple occurrences, CBA imposed on the company in Changzhou Division contest organizer and Jiang Su Kendi Asian club warning, reprimand, subtract the Jiang Su Kendi Asian Club League funding for 20,000 yuan, order rectification and punishment; Because of the Shenzhen team assistant coach Craig after the game to the scorer's table shouting abuse umpire, CBA company Craig impose reprimand, suspended for two games and fined $ 100,000 penalty。