Priceless old thin?Is it really?(1)

  Metabolic capacity is weak, easy accumulation of fat。
In order to avoid high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases, many elderly people convinced that "priceless old to thin", blindly reject meat, eggs and other foods。However, the elderly and skinny issue more prominent anemia than obesity。
Thin and three causes of anemia: physical function decline, misconceptions, suffering from many chronic diseases。
  How elderly people to old age, the body organs function gradually weakened, teeth started to fall, the digestion and absorption are slowly diminished appetite naturally watered down。Reduced food intake to ensure that in the case of quality, you can follow the following 12 principles: a small number of small daily amount of saliva secretion is one third of young people, the secretion of gastric juice has dropped to 1/5 of a young man, and therefore a little eat more, it will stomach swelling, indigestion。Therefore, food intake for each meal of the elderly than the young should be reduced by 10%, while ensuring that small meals。  Better quality protein plays an important role in maintaining the body's normal metabolism, increase body resistance。The elderly in general, per kilogram of body weight need 1 gram of protein, should be a good source of protein fish, poultry, eggs, milk, soybeans and other main。  Vegetables and a little more to eat more vegetables is good for cardiovascular protection and anti-cancer, elderly people should eat no less than 250 grams of vegetables per day。
  Vegetables to taste a little light function has diminished, and often tasteless food, always like to eat food to enhance the flavor of appetite, so inadvertently increased salt intake。Eat more salt will increase the burden on the kidney, may reduce the oral mucosa barrier function, increasing the chances of survival of influenza virus in the upper respiratory tract and spread。Therefore, the elderly daily salt intake should be controlled at about 5 grams, while eating Sauce and other salty。  One thing to take into account the hybrid varieties of meat and vegetables, with the thickness, the more the better hybrid varieties。Staple foods per day (excluding seasonings) comp not less than 10。
  Hong said that the food here is "sweet" does not refer to more than salt, MSG and other seasonings, but appropriate to the dish add more onions, ginger and other spices。Facial features are interlinked, you can use the sense of smell to compensate for the lack of taste。
The smell of delicious food, the elderly will be able appetites。  A little more than hot food cold food cold, eating more will affect the spleen and stomach digestion and absorption, and even cause damage。
Therefore, to avoid cold food, especially in winter should pay more attention。
  To put a little thin rice gruel made of rice, soft and hard, not only palatable, easy to digest, but mostly with the spleen and stomach, raw body fluid effect, good for longevity。
But the old man can not therefore Dun Dun porridge。After all, porridge with water-based, "dry" little。Stomach capacity in the same case, the same volume of porridge in nutrition and bread, rice far too long run, may be malnourished。
  Eat slowly slowly easy to produce a sense of fullness and prevent overeating, can digest food better。
  Breakfast breakfast should be better accounted for 30% -40% of total calories day, quality and nutritional value should be higher, refined some of, but not to eat greasy, fried, dry and hard and big spicy food。
  Dinner a little earlier, "Stomach, restless night", eat dinner too late, not only affects sleep, hoarding calories, but also prone to urinary tract stones。The human body is the peak discharge of calcium in 4-5 hours after a meal, eat dinner too late, or if the regular supper, when the row of calcium arrival of the peak, the elderly may have gone to bed。Dinner should be the best time of the elderly in the afternoon six or seven points, and do not eat late night less。