Carefully heavy spring moisture and dampness is actually very easy

Current position: early spring text carefully humid dampness is actually very easy 2018-3-1314: 30: 25 Source: REVIEW: spring moisture is quite heavy, so in the spring, how do dampness?What methods and foods can help you do dampness?In fact, "deal with" the body's moisture, daily care is also very important, so take a look at the way it dampness…… 4, drainage massage, sauna Speaking drainage healthier than most reminiscent of the lazy tactic is sauna。
This passive approach does not fit sweating the hot summer months, especially not for the frequent use of。 Because although the sauna can accelerate blood circulation, remove the body wet evil, but in the course of the sauna, the excessive sweating is not conducive to heart health。 In fact, relative to the sauna, take a warm bath and massage is a more healthy way of drainage。
Warm bath allows the body sweating slightly, with a simple massage, not only can play the role of dampness from the body, is also a good way to relax。
If you have time, weekly body SPA, membership of a professional massage therapy techniques, you can get a better detoxification drainage effect。
After the summer sports, such as sweat and body temperature and then did a similar warm water bath, combined with essential oils water drainage, and help relieve fatigue faster, relax。 5, a cup of tea in the afternoon, drainage and some artists use diuretics to achieve the purpose of decompression weight-loss weight loss, it is dangerous to do anything。 Our lives, in fact, tea is the most natural diuretics。 Experts suggest that every afternoon before the start of work, give yourself a cup of tea, not only refreshing, improve the efficiency of the afternoon, but due to the diuretic effect of tea, it may take away the body of excess water。
Because green tea is not fermented in the production process links, so nutrients than other high class, but also more chlorophyll content, and is cold in nature; Iron Goddess of Mercy tea is semi-fermented, because the fermentation period is still short and cold side; Oolong tea is not cold not hot, a neutral tea; Dahongpao tea warm but not cold; mellow Pu'er tea of mild, warm stomach role, especially for cold heavy human consumption。
6, menstrual eat red beans, drained blood together, experts say, menstruation eat red beans, drained and blood。
Red beans rich in iron, have a role in the blood is menstrual period tonic。 Modern research found that red beans also contains a saponin substances can promote bowel movement and urination。 Chinese medicine, red beans and flat, there are strong tonic, spleen and stomach, diuresis dehumidification, detoxification and blood function, more suitable for hot and humid in the spleen Sheng who eat。 Before and after the menstrual period or drink or eat porridge red bean cakes containing red beans, not only can eliminate the excess water, but also to play a role in prevention of iron deficiency anemia。 Mung beans, lentils, gourd, melon and so has a good effect of dampness。
Bright and healthy you can choose your exclusive models that are light drainage cuisine according to your taste。
7, balance hormones, so there is some physical body is no longer heavy heavy is caused by hypothyroidism。
With age, hypothyroidism is increasingly easy to find on MILF。
A low symptoms are not apparent, it is often easily missed。 In fact, when you find yourself eating much but weight gain, often feel lack of energy, always sleepy, cold, dry hair and other symptoms, it is necessary to do a hormone level, especially thyroid function。
The hormonal adjustment to the health file, your body can light up again。