The immune system is the body of the strongest line of defense!Not afraid of the disease came to the door (1)

  United States, "Huffington Post" published to improve the immunity of nine brilliant idea: ① adequate; ② yogurt breakfast drink; ③ eat; ④ drunk vegetable chicken soup; ⑤ love to drink water, ginger water, lemonade; ⑥ to afternoon tea time; ⑦ exercise; ⑧ more than the sun; ⑨ keep smiling。    When the human body will produce a cell wall called sleep factor acid, may cause an increase in white blood cells, macrophages, active, liver detoxification function enhanced, thereby destroy invading bacteria or viruses。
That often "burn the midnight oil" approach is not desirable。  Yogurt Many people know that the body's immune system from lymphocytes, white blood cells, but in fact, to maintain good intestinal flora environment is an important means to strengthen the immune system, because the pathogen to produce adverse effects on the human body, we must first be able to successfully invade the human body, and then will need to adhere to human intestinal epithelial cells of the mucous membrane, and need the proper environment before they can breed to breed, after a certain number will adversely affect the body。
The gut is home to tens of billions of bacteria, when the majority of beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria would be no "trouble" in space, and thus able to improve immunity, disease prevention efficacy of the。    The product was proved at the same time can improve the body's cellular immunity, humoral immunity and nonspecific immunity, help people build a natural protective barrier, the body from viruses, bacteria, pollutants and disease attack, remove the body metabolism , other system repair injured tissue, to achieve the purpose of prevention of various diseases。
  Vegetables vegetables contain a lot chicken interferon inducer, cancer prevention effect has。
However, this beneficial vegetable division is very delicate, not high temperature, namely at 100 ℃ was unstable, so raw cucumber, celery, tomatoes, lettuce, etc., not only delicious, but also get a lot of nutrition。  Various enzymes and minerals contained in the water, after the act synergistically, can improve the body's immune system。Experimental studies have shown that mice fed with honey, can improve immune function in mice。
  This is said to tea because tea contains a special chemical substance called an antigen alkylamine, this substance is also present in some bacteria, cancer cells, parasites and fungi。
As usual drinking tea, alkylamine human exposure to the antigen, so once the advent of this substance containing disease, the body will be able to resist。
US researchers studied the antigen to the immune system in gamma – Effect pen cells – Delta (Δ γ)。
Such cells are considered a first line of defense against bacterial and viral infections。
Meanwhile Tea also contains large amounts of amino acids, which are the body improve immunity strong backing。  Training exercise can increase blood IL is increased, thereby enhancing the activity of natural killer cells, cancer cells and eliminate the virus。But the amount of exercise at a moderate to good, high-intensity and vigorous exercise, but will weaken the immune system, so be sure to exercise moderation。  UV sun beam sunlight can stimulate human skin T- dehydrocholesterol into vitamin d。
And must not underestimate this very ordinary vitamin, every day just so you can enhance immunity mg 1 times。  Smile laughter can stimulate the body's many immune-related chemicals such as catecholamines, so as to enhance immunity。
Often laugh, make people maintain their youth and vigor。