Although money is still warm late diving

Today diving, a bit baffling, so far we have not seen bad there have more precise。
No matter if the news from a purely financial point of view to see the game, then late in diving, with no sufficient change hands in the morning there is a relationship。 Morning of the disk is too hot, not many tickets changing hands after the word was hard top plate, once the market sign of trouble, late this situation is very prone to。
Noon point of view, the market for word sabotage the party, I have been analyzed, let's first review under article noon。
Because we form a consensus on the market that are safe, you can make money。
But it can not be directly top word。 Stocks opened more than direct word board, which is to make the market did not top the rhythm ah。
The top plate of the word bullying ah, so who is willing to give you Relay?This is the reason why the word vote not far away。 Look at today's daily limit, but you can not buy into, the funds are another way of results。 Shanghai local shares in a public state-owned enterprise reform is expected before the demon of oversold stocks, shares of + is oversold plate, are installed with construction, such as Britain Vic, near midday trading, the money went to launch the concept of civil-military integration。 This is the party who want to avoid the word。
But a number of votes in the word, open board can not go back, and other precision Liancheng。 000-technology today should Difficult to go back, for the first time to the first wave peaked, and soon, to see the back of the wave there is no 2。 Summary: The central enterprises reform, time shares, medicine and other hot spots continued to be active, just let the word party to the top of the bad rhythm, Shanghai state-owned enterprise reform, civil-military integration of new low hot start。
Afternoon view: continued light weight stock market, but to avoid some stocks pit。 ———————————Dividing line————— ——————– wait until late in diving, all the dust settles, you will find that the word early top board does not necessarily guarantee you make money。
Why do so many votes after the bombing late plate, some to return letters, some not?In addition to stocks leading position in which the outside, there is another factor that is changing hands。 If the morning changing hands more fully, even late exploded, just a trim is very easy。
For example, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson holding, palm reading technology, the National Power South, etc.。
These tickets before the bombing late, has been fried, and hands full, short of basic failure。
Delong ticket easily understood, such as the word open joint-precision plate, the morning has not been fully hands, once late restrain chips will quickly gush。
People suck finished the word party, or come back to the market。 Although late in diving, but funding is still warm, tomorrow there must be a process of restoration late today。
+ New medicine times, the central enterprises reform, unicorn, military, and other hot spots, or focus on the plate。
Today's hot too, was stretched too thin, tomorrow must shrink the front。
This level of funding spread, how long the stock market?Tomorrow centralized fund breakthrough, is still only stronger breed, it is worth continuing to engage in, the other is not worth the chase。
We should focus on a few leading, the leading time shares + Panlong Pharmaceutical medicine has little impact tomorrow 3 board problem, since recent times the height of the new leader has 4 boards (United-precision, Igor)。 Leading the reform of central enterprises into shares has 5 boards, and if this stock can continue to board up, it may well be a demon, tickets will also follow suit arbitrage。
Unicorn chaotic rhythm section, a lot of brand-name ticket are high, money is not willing to go to the relay, and low tendency to dig varieties。
For example, today's Zhongyuan Expressway, capital, industry, etc. are being dug new varieties。 The military has just started today, tomorrow remains to be seen persistent, leading the West Instrument shares。 Tomorrow view: Because diving late, so tomorrow become the trend of the index is not very good judge, not a good grasp of the rhythm, it is recommended that careful operation, it is best not to follow the trend of chasing votes。
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