"Melo" fans spat furiously days lift Messi fans: he's just a shooter

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" BORDER- top: 1px solid #ddd; ">■ mission all media reporter?Zhang Zhe Guangzhou Daily Russia June 20 in Moscow this night belongs to electric?Luo!Local time on June 20 afternoon, Moss Kelu day Nicky Stadium staged a focus of war。?Luo scoring the opening goal with a header stage, led the Portuguese team 1-0 victory over Morocco team, opponents to become the first team spending Bureau。For his strong performance in this World Cup, C Luo said after the game, he had only two goals: first and foremost is to help the Portuguese team to go further in the World Cup, followed by striving to become the top scorer in World Cup!4th a hand ball 7 is also less "Black Panther" two goals last World Cup, Portugal is a last 32 World Cup team arrived in Brazil, the team has become one of the first to leave。At that time the Portuguese team was eliminated in the group stage, C Luo dragged one leg left Brazil。This time, the 33-year-old?Luo with a strong desire to win, after the group stage two has scored four goals, the team arranged all the scoring for the team to get 4 points。4 years ago?Luo attempt to single-handedly carried the team forward, but unfortunately his teammates not to force。This time, after the 2016 European Cup trophy of experience, C Lo is more mature, the Portuguese team the whole team is more mature。Morocco team battle, the number of C Lo touch the ball, although not much, but every time his own energy most effectively play。Opening just 4 minutes, C Luo opportunity to seize a corner kick header hoisting, before the next city。With this header, C Luo representative of Portugal national team played 152 times, the total number of goals reached 85, breaking the Hungarian legend Ferenc Puskas scored 84 goals this European national team players scoring record。Of course, C Luo from the national team scoring individual world record is still some distance, it is Iran star Ali Daei created 109 balls。this is?Romania's fourth trip to the World Cup, the first three times?Lo each scored 1 goal。After two games this year have been into 4 balls, his total World Cup goals to reach 7 goals。Portugal's World Cup history is the first shooter legend legend Eusebio, who scored nine goals in the whole 1966 World Cup, he is the top scorer of the World Cup, is the only one on the history of Portugal World Cup Golden Boot。If you could scored three goals, C Luo can go beyond the "Black Panther", has become one of the most goals in World Cup history of Portugal!World Cup "Double Gold" is expected to become the sixth man World Cup, regardless of the media or the fans, regarded?Duel between Ronaldo and Messi seen as "vanish"。"Ting Mei school" believes, C Lo just a shooter, his role in the Portuguese team is much lower than Messi。"Luo Ting sent" countered: C Lo stable as long as the score is already the largest contribution to the Portuguese team, his role is to provide the team actually greater than Messi。This quarrel occurred in the same day of the game off, fans in addition to Morocco, there are many Argentina fans involved in this brawl。However, no matter how the two camps argue, can not change?Luo is now hot state。Two consecutive group stage, C Lo are elected as best player。?Lo mid-2006 the first time the World Cup was led by Luis Figo, Deco, the Portuguese team won fourth place in the medals。This time, if?Luo can rate the Portuguese team scored at least 4 strong again,?Luo most likely to become the World Cup's Golden Ball winner。 From mid-1974 to date, the number of successive "Golden Boot" top scorer World Cup goals are within 8 ball。Among them, Ronaldo in 2002 created the 8-ball record。This time, C Luo only brush with two matches to put the Goals 4 goals。If the Portuguese team will be able to get more games played, C Lo can continue to maintain the current red-hot, he can expect to break even tied the record of eight goals to become the World Cup Golden Boot winner。In World Cup history, won the Golden Globe and Golden Boot "Double Gold" only five people, respectively, in mid-1938 of Liao Ni Das, 1962 Garrincha, Kempes 1978, 1982 Rossi and mid-1990's Schillaci。Interestingly, these five goals, "Double Gold" winner did not exceed 7 goals。This time, C Luo can become the sixth "Double Gold" winner on the World Cup?