A stall team narrowly escaped killing five users: C Lo Messi wins car snatching little room after my soul

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night sports network reported June 18: Russia's World Cup race has been four days, and no wishful victory in Germany and Brazil played last night, fans can not help but to issue such a sigh: Russia really cold!Russia, as a host in the automatic Automatic group number one, the 32 teams ranked last in the World Cup, the team can not be counted as a file。In a file has been played in the team, only three points in France, but during the game the other hand, France has made three points also suspected of luck。If Spain draw with Portugal was not popular, then after Argentina played draw with Iceland, Germany lost to Mexico, Brazil draw with Switzerland it can be described as a big upset World Cup。Germany, as the defending champion, in the face of Mexico appears to have no way。The reason is the so-called weak teams has their own mature style of play, and these teams seem a file do nothing in the face of specific tactics。Iceland and Mexico, for example, Iceland physically strong, sturdy build walls bid to block 11 Massey and others break shot, the use of counter-attack to hit the ball high into the air to let the diminutive Argentine no way。And in Mexico yesterday to show people what is the real small fast spirit, the speed of the fast counter-attack, the sharp attack, the Germans had wanted to attack out of fear of vulnerability defense。If the French win over Australia at the last minute scored a goal, the team has played a file will without a win。Some Internet users drying out of the picture, above the tone of a joke, said: "C Lo kicked my car, Macy kicked me a suite, Neymar might want to take my life!"In the back of the team also played a stall Belgium and Poland, they will not know how to play with。World Cup the strength of clear situation may no longer exist, Russia Are we going to continue to go cold?