Bailey Reverse toxic milk: Brazil as a whole is not strong Argentina will all the best

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 14 reported: is regarded as the number one football Bailey crow mouth, before the start of the World Cup, this seems a good school。In an interview with "GQ" magazine interview, Bailey claimed that Brazil is not strong overall, and predicted that Argentina would all goes well。Bailey said this, is it in the reverse poison milk?Bailey first talked about himself: "Now the kids know Messi?Luoneimaer, but they also know my name。Maybe listen to their parents say, perhaps listening to my grandparents say。This is a great responsibility, because my life can not make mistakes, I will always give the kids a good example。But thank God, I can have the glory。"Also watching you?Bailey answer: "Of course, I also like Santos, I would also like to see the best team in the world game。Perhaps now is the best Barca before Real Madrid。"Billy comes to Brazil and Argentina:" Brazil has good players, but without a strong team。Best Brazilian clubs have, in Paris, Neymar, Marcelo at Real Madrid, Kudiniao in Barcelona, Phil minocycline in Liverpool……But Teeter let them form a strong overall, this is hard to do。Brazil is always one of the favorites, but Argentina also all the best。I think the World Cup will always be popular。People may forget, Brazil 5 wins have taken place outside the home Brazil。In Brazil the World Cup twice, we all lose。"Bailey Support Neymar to join Paris:" This is a good thing for him, because he always live in the shadow of Lionel Messi in Barcelona。Build the team around him in Paris, he had the opportunity to show their ability, he has a chance as No. 10。"Coach?Bailey select Teeter: "I like Guardiola and Mourinho, but I think it is very good Teeter。He is not just only care about football, he is also concerned about the players, it is very important。"