How intractable oral ulcer treatment remedies do you teach

Speaking of refractory oral ulcers how to do, I believe many people have experienced, not only won after a very uncomfortable, but also eat a lot of things, so intractable oral ulcers how to do the night together and network to see how intractable oral ulcers do introduce it!Intractable oral ulcers how to do heterophylla, Sunburn 15 grams, skullcap, Pinellia 10 grams, ginger, 6 grams of aconite 2 grams, 3 grams of cinnamon, jujube 5。Shuijianbi day, morning and evening times service 2。5 days for a course of treatment。General medicine 2?5 courses may be cured。Oral ulcer drugs: berberine 15 g, 15 g indigo, white, and 20 grams, 2 grams borneol。
Usage: berberine, indigo, white and pounded rough at the end, 200 ml water 100 ml fry。Into a clean sterilized vial, borneol powder was added, shake, 5 days a dressing。After gargle with salt water, applied with a cotton swab surface of the ulcer medicine。
Sooner or later, before meals, after meals one time each coating, after no rinse applicator 10 day course of treatment。Other prescriptions 1, taken eighty-nine small band rose calyx, mash, add a small cup into a paste, coating aphthous lesion, typically 3?5 times Jiyu。
Refractory 2 oral ulcers how to do, to take about 10 walnut shells, water decoction orally, three times a day, every day for three consecutive days, oral ulcers can be cured。3, the fresh balsam pear 160 g (dried 80 g), boiling water, tea drinking。
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General use 3?5 can be markedly。
As shown in Fig 4 take the raw carrot 2, wash smashed wringer Xianou period to the residue, gargle with juice, 3 times a day, once every 4 days with little。5, tea mouthwash, because tea contains many, can prevent a variety of inflammatory, oral ulcers recovery, we have a certain effect of adjuvant therapy。