Belgium "World of Warcraft" was born poor play football for the mother to a decent life

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Xinhua News Agency, Sochi, June 18 -, Watered milk, water and electricity in the room, because arrears are Qiadiao cable……Killing four of the World Cup in Russia, Belgium "World of Warcraft" Loukakou, had chosen soccer, just to live decently。18th 索契菲什特 stadium, Lukaku scored twice to lead Belgium 3: 0 victory over Panama, with five goals in team history boarded the Belgian competition (World Cup and European Championship) scoring standings in second place, only Sirri Commons than the old legend a little ball。There are at least two group matches of the situation, the World Cup is likely to witness a new generation of front Pa Belgium's "throne"。Today expensive for the English Premier League giants Manchester United and Belgium striker Lukaku headed, still clearly remember seeing the scene because of poverty to childhood milk watered when the mother。In his published in the "star stands" personal letter, he described the mood at the time: "I ate lunch without a word, but that day I myself make a wish, I can no longer see life as mother。"In Loukakou this readme, poverty and questioned throughout his early football career。At the time Loukakou only wear his father's shoes training that year, because the physical development of fast, 11 years old, he will be questioned at the opponent's youth team to play the parents of his false age, he had to show identity cards one by one to parents who look to prove innocence, while enduring those dubious eyes。Hit back question, Loukakou vent is considered the best method to beat opponents with a goal on the court, even if the opponent is his own coach。May 24, 2009, 16-year-old Lukaku Anderlecht played for the first time in Bijia league, but the beginning of 2008-2009 season, he even played in the U19 team are not on the main。U19 coach to face their own mistrust, Loukakou bet with the coach just give him enough playing time, he promised to the December 2008 scored 25 goals。November of that year, Lukaku completed the 25 indicators of the ball, as part of a bet, and his youth team coach had to wash all of Pakistan, but the team every day to eat the pie。After the famous young Loukakou conquer Belgian league, Chelsea move to the Premiership, known as the "World of Warcraft" Drogba's successor in 2011。But landing "Blue Bridge" Hou Luka library can only be on the bench most of the time wasted, "came to Chelsea I did not get playing time, I hear people making fun of me, I was on loan to West Bromwich Albion, I hear people laughing at me again. "。 In the loan at West Bromwich Albion that season, Lukaku scored 17 Premiership goals ranked scorer in the sixth, but Chelsea still did not belong to his position。2013-2014 season Everton at the end of the lease period, Loukakou chose to leave 'the Blues "to join Everton。Three years later, he wore 75 million pounds worth joining the English Premier League giants Manchester United first team。From abject poverty to prominent, Loukakou life turned upside down because of football。His greatest wish is to have deceased grandfather to see this happen, but not to see how well he passed the ball, how much fame。Before my grandfather died five days to call 12-year-old Lukaku, please he would "take care of my mother."。13 years later, Lukaku said that if the phone again to fight with my grandfather, he would say: "Look, as I promised, your daughter is now very good, no longer have to live in apartments in mice, no longer have to sleep on the floor, no pressure, we all is well。"