Body language of love

The story takes place in the late eighties, when the university, known as the ivory tower。  Red is my classmate, she is from the South, looks sweet, temperament elegant, entered university, became the object of a lot of the boys scramble to compete。Jun is a student of History Department of the university, we have two high, versatile, especially good at writing poetry, is“famous”Campus poet。  Chun Hung and how do you know, it does not matter, probably by another classmate, possibly by both sides of the villagers, however, always, they know the。Speaking of the two men know each other, in fact, quite the taste of love at first sight, Chun favorite red appearance, temperament and character, and red, were attracted to the handsome talent。  The men and women, the so-called“Perfect match”, In the ivory tower, love is sweet。  Jun to practice, one to two months, every day Hongyan legend, letter to letter, Chun Hung wrote to exactly how many first touching love poems, a conservative who, more than double-digit。And red, in the absence Jun days, almost all his spare time, are used to Jun knit, stitch by stitch weave every day, every needle in, all contain dense long for。  Jun internship returned, refused to return to their quarters, on three-step and two-step, flew to the Red hostel。Then red, smiling as being handsome sweater, doing the final finishing work。  The two meet, depending on each other smiling innocently, one side of us, for the sake of the yearning of this beautiful, silent quietly withdrew to his room, to both of them, a romantic ways and thoughts pour out of place。It really is a beautiful, touching love。  College students love the playground and walking a prime place to the cold weather season, often, to see the red body, dressed in the cloak of Jun。  Saturday night, female students dorm, as usual, of lying about the meeting, speaking of her love, red has always been restrained, said something I will never impressed, she said:“How feeling between us, always in love ah。”Hung said very sincerely, red psychology, nature is more sincere, and we even think these words some fun, ridiculous, and it can be embarrassed laugh。  The school opened a new ice cream stalls, colorful truly beautiful, and Chun know, red is a favorite ice cream。So, summer evening, we often see Jun, bought a big bowl of ice cream, rush around rushed to the Red hostel。  Good years, like water wading fast, blink of an eye, went to Jun graduating time。After allocation down, often seen, a pair of red eye socket of children, relative silence。  Parting grief, can destroy most people's mind, the two inextricably after many lingering, and finally, Jun forth requirements for the development of further relations keep red。Jun said:“This world, I only love you, wait until the future, I'm going to marry you, I will marry you, so what are you afraid of it?”Jun said:“There is a saying that‘In fact, just a love of body language’Bale。”  Needless to say, when they indeed love。And then the love of two people, and indeed really want to push each other to the other side。Finally, in order to prove their love, red to complete their own, when Chun went away, I gave it to him。  That night, moonlight water。Red, indulge in the beautiful moonlight and the gentle night wind, she will own the purest most really love, using body the way, over and over again to tell her favorite boy。  Soon, Chun graduated; soon, he went to a big city in the south。Soon, he and into a new life a new round of colorful。Jun wit, in the new unit, obviously no lack of suitors, and although he loves red, but always felt this far away love, gradually becomes illusory uncertain。  And red, still quietly waiting for her handsome, waiting for her share of love does not become the highest power, however, this quiet good old days, but only after the red just a few months。  One day, red feeling unwell, so in the company of classmates, went to University Hospital, but was found pregnant……  It was the late eighties of last century, female students pregnant, how earth-shattering but see also skeletons in his cupboard ah!For this reason the school has posted posters, posters in the words Lise harshly rebuked red“Immorality”, The wording of the last sentence, bearing the words:“After school party committee, be punished by dismissal。”  Red ultimately failed to finish before she finally admitted to the university, when she lonely figure slowly disappear on campus at the end, I do not know what she was thinking about the psychological?I do not know, this is not a conspiracy of love, because love the sky, can eventually bear-fruit?  Red is disappearing in our line of sight, and for her, I know is: has been pregnant, she returned home to find a very age-matched general condition of the boy, himself married off。  And I remember whenever the matter, it is hoped, pure red, the idea had not tried to use body language to express love in her heart for their favorite boy。