Nine ten women inflammation?Had "vulvitis" intolerable itching how to do?

Vulvitis inflammatory lesions is genital skin or mucous membrane occurring, such as redness, swelling, pain, itching, erosion, etc., is a common female gynecological inflammation, under normal circumstances, the acid form of vaginal secretions (cervical mucus is alkaline ), which can inhibit the pathogenic events, reproduction, generally less prone to inflammation。
When the pH of vaginal secretions changed, or specific pathogen invasion, can cause inflammation。
Causing vulvitis causes of female genital special hidden position, in front of the urethra, the anus, partially wet, contaminated feces and urine vulnerable and therefore prone to inflammation of the vulva。 General genital inflammation during the acute phase mainly itching, redness, burning sensation and other symptoms of the vulva, in the event, during intercourse and urination defecation increased, this is called non-specific vulvitis。 Bartholinitis vulva is a special inflammation。 Vestibular glands located on both sides of the labia majora 1/3 depth, pit between the labia minora and the hymen。
Bartholin's glands and comprises a catheter, both of their duties, responsible for the secretion of mucus glands, responsible for the delivery conduit crossing the female mucus, a lubricant。 If the invasion of pathogens into the vestibular glands, it is easy to cause bartholinitis; prevention vulvitis how do we go a laundry, should penetrate the gas, preferably to cotton, tights and pantyhose Shaochuan。
2, genital itching should be ground nails, washing hands frequently, do not scratch the skin, infection and thus prevent ulceration secondary bacterial infections。
3, do not bactericide, disinfectant, to avoid skin irritation, and the selection as much as possible, weakly acidic or lotion composition mainly soap free, in order to avoid causing inflammation。
4, to develop good habits of daily life, such as: they should wash their hands before and after, wipe from front to back to follow the way, avoid sedentary。
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