About sentimental prose

Part one: Thanks for the Memories spring breeze blowing in the spring breeze shore weeping willow, Yue Zhao Huan shadow shifted; spring breeze blowing over the floor clear of poetry, calligraphy joy Yin Lang.Red as graceful spring in fantasy; babbling brook in spring; Zheng pavilions in mildly acoustic spring; spring music sounds of nature, such as Qingshu Manjuan.Lang’s book in the spring nourishing thoughts Juyi Peng spring in April; in the spring shepherd boy with willow flute blew a lightweight “Spring’s Trill”; Li Bai in pink fragrant spring sprinkle make, fallen snow, flowering Shabana sky; in the spring butterflies elegant dances; in the spring are not old poet never recite the verse.  Spring morning wind with a faint fragrance, like a spring morning wind tie joyous song “Bo Suanzi passion”: Li Bai decorated rustic, jade apricot fragrance Man.Dance Taoyuan ten thousand fly, poet provoke more dependents.  Cliff Tsui Chung Huan, waterfront glow brightly.But looking at the front flower butterflies Pina, only the spring air Love.  Flat Zeze words, the condensation of Harue memories, fairy tales woven into a beautiful landscape in the spring breeze swaying, like a hidden cabin in Green Book House quiet lane, the time is now hidden in the spring.Taking a spring with a death plot, planted countless fallen toward the earth, so that all the petals turned into dust scattered into the mud, so forget all the elves once the vicissitudes of life.Swimming poetry ten million laugh, write songs Fu drunk thousands of chapters, all the laments are concentrated in the spring in the spring air.  Mo fragrant wind whispers come, Jun Taoyuan petals stained cheek.  Spring gentle enough makeup, and poetry from the Wing open.  Spring girl’s slender fingers, holding a wind falling petals, book along Lang context between the petals, recite a poem Spring Light.The Huayu spring contributed to the dream Qianhua; in the spring once the playback stream of suave.Looking at the remnants of the little petals glistening, reflecting have gone through my track, we can not help but cause a little sad.  While wet spring glide, run the thinking, wet heart.Any spring breeze filled the Huayu falls on the shoulders and landed whole body, either recklessly fluttering in the spring breeze, a touch of melancholy in any lonely overflow, either in spring poems left behind Red.The poetry does not matter clear spring mix, but still clear in hazy poetic language.Spring breeze swaying flowers, and shake off the many sad memories, pulling dancing butterflies, spring breeze is blowing petals, dotted all the glory and lonely.    Part II: recollections of the past, cherish the weekend is often leisure, woke up and found his face was downcast day unknowingly, without the glare of the sun, the breeze more shares Qinren.Point a music, a cup of coffee, he began to organize mess of things, as usual, put the put away, throw the throw, can no longer be expertly proficient.Table, floor, and now, memories of the heart.Sometimes really can not tell what the put away, what should we throw?  This is something very confusing world, not just finishing things.From the moment of falling into this world, we continue to produce the intersection with other people, and deepening, wider.This intersection, I’m more than happy to call for the fate.It is like a thread that binds us a bundle together to form our eyes of the world.This fate, will become increasingly concentrated, will become more and more light, there may be completely cut off but not.Thus, we have feelings, parting with polymerization, with happiness and pain, life and death of the Ya.  I do not know appreciate or hate the world.First give us, let us know what happiness is sweet, simple, and occasionally some small friction, but we have to know everything is wonderful.We understand that it took us understand.Give and understand, and then take away.Every time a piercing pain.This pain is lonely, unique, each person is different, and people can not understand.You only have to hold the broken memories, feeling cold blood, or bitter cry, so getting used to the pain.  I still remember my first root edge off how much I’d rather die.That transparent glass, which lay my first one was taken away from loved ones.I cry to vomit, almost fainting.I ask why?We do not know who to turn to?Now I do not know.Whether the process is still painful to leave, I never mentioned with others, because to say it will not understand, that’s my memories with him, I tangled with him.Today, though broken, but is not erase scratches, not take away the.It scratches like fragrance in December, you want to find its source, searched after I do not know where it is, but you know there are clearly white flowers in full bloom of life exists somewhere Perhaps, as the Buddhist say : because of the loss, so treasure.So since then, I cherish with my close people.People keep into my world, leave, stop, forever.But anyway, I try to cherish.Fate is not easy to go too simple.  Just occasionally confuse me do this right?The more entangled, could end the pain.  I can not think of a question I do not want to learn to enjoy life.This kind of weather, walking is a pleasure.No destination, the scenery has continued to.This most beautiful way to go more than a year even roadside fence floor shining little star!I never thought the fence floor will blossom, white, very rarely, no aroma.It seems alone, commonplace, people inadvertently ignored.But now, it is open in the dark abyss, no intoxicating fragrance of roses, peonies also not elegant, just like the stars, in the deepest despair out of the most beautiful scenery.    Part Three: Thanks for the Memories is a tribute to their cities mundane and ordinary working group, known as the city of beautician – sanitation workers.  Summer season, outdoor scorching summer heat; winter season, outdoor chilly cold and windy.People tend to like to stay in the house, under the care of the air conditioning, enjoying the cool and warmth.  Throughout the year.When people still sweet, deep sleep, and they are dressed in the cloak of ink dawn, a new day began, the city dedicated to dress up, it looks more beautiful.They often exposure to the stars of Venus, the morning fog, the cold wind, heat and cold and every day.  The streets, they push the clean car, clean with simple hand tools.They broom as a pen, the road surface as paper, tirelessly writing a serious, ordinary and simple, honest and ordinary way of life.Nightlife net dusty gloom, clearly shows the “dirty I am a man, clean millions of people,” the feelings plain.  They are hungry, thirsty, it comes out of rice and water, will quench their thirst with hunger.Sometimes really tired, find a sit or lie, lying can be a place to rest for the time being.For them to bed, when the clothes are.After a little rest a shuttle hustle and bustle of the streets of the city, continue to busy.Summer and fall, the naughty wind, I like to shake the tree broken branches, torn leaves; that playful rain, also followed join in the fun, a disservice.Often those broken branches scattered leaves covered ground.  After the storm, they bend over to pick up, pull the holding, spades, remove the adhesive rain leaves, scraps of paper and other rubbish.  Spring, spring full of them no time to enjoy; the summer heat of the high temperature they stick to their posts; autumn, patches of leaves makes them pay more hard work; winter, snow waving their welcome chills afraid of hard snow.Whenever we go on each clean and beautiful streets, should start from the self.Respect and cherish clean and beautiful is their dedication, inconspicuous, sweat and toil.  For their hard work, my mind often recollections of a deep respect – they are worthy of the city’s beautician.    Part Four: autumn recollections about autumn, and some people think that is melancholy, some people believe is a mature, I think, it is because different people to see King’s mood will feel it’s different!People in seasonal changes in mood and pace with the change of seasons okay?Looking gangbusters bleak, falling one after another sharp eyes, ears whine Qiuchan, I always have too many sadness and emotion, however, go the most urgent, always the most beautiful scenery; the deepest pain always vicissitudes of the heart.I do not like tearful smile, but a smile can always make up some sun bathed the heart of it!Let your heart a little child slight consolation in the lonely days, the years of circulation, time flies, is wandering footsteps, is a mature mind, every pain, are maturing process.  Since ancient times, passionate empty hate to stay, knowing that is a hopeless hope, but stubbornly stood his dream, looking like the feeling of love at the touch of pain, to listen to the call at the light dance Seduction soul, Tree of Life the wait has been lingering infatuation shade.We are looking forward to the warmth of blooming flowers.  Missing is the soul poison, always quietly climbed the Aria arched brows soul, those people and things in the past, always will be reproduced in memory inadvertently pick up light years, picking up fragments of the season, Heart, with love, soul to adhesions, who hit section of rhyme and dance, the songs breathe and come, those feelings muddle, there are lingering idea, we are once again revived my desire, resurrection my dream.However, the vicissitudes of life, there are always people and things you want to become a memory of the past, the past of the landscape, even if you then give up and keep trying, after all, can not stay, can not be retrieved!  Passage of time, time flies, look back at, still infatuation, still thankful, once the pain has both are happy, are happy!Looking ahead, the scenery is still unlimited, still bustling eyes, heart experienced, learned to be strong, to bear life too, to understand the heavy.Every experience, every laughter, every heartache, all maturing process, there is a saying “not high-aspiring, no blog vain Long live” Hopefully, my youthful atmosphere make the world more of a glory, my years of life can be a bit rich, we do not live in vain, vain time, life Cantabile, panacea!  The spring has gone will come, the flowers will bloom flowers, reincarnation is the law of the season, who can not hold the pace of the season, who can not be masters of our destiny, but at least I can get my youthful forever, that old face, the youth is not old, it should be a touch of autumn, shallow blue, mature fragrant autumn of my life, it should be colorful, it should be colorful, memories of the past, sweet and sour taste, outlook future beckons in the good old days, Fruitful, my future is not a dream, my future is hope, longing, happiness!    Part Five: Gently recollections, that sad tenderness wind, the fingertip touches an edge, such as the veil diffuse through the moon light shine.I live in the moonlight, and Chang-e rabbit as partners.Many nights, I listen to Chang E to talk with the past thousands of years ago, at the Moon Palace Yushu, she sat in the branches, and Hou Yi Thinking back once quiet and peaceful life.Picked up the rabbit, tears dripping, asked vast horizon, could meet with him again?  Pour desolately desolately, gray hair beauty.Love far more than before, as well as the years marks.Asked vast land, who dominate the ups and downs of the heart, diffuse through the silence of the sky, leaving no wide echo; through the dark clouds, not escape the accumulation of fog; arrived on the sea, no match will be rolled wave.Natural soul, I can not tolerate the grief.  Thoughts of pain, such as tide, roll to roll with me, again and again feel the impact, and my heart a voice cries: “flee, flee, never to come back!”This is where they come from sound.Weak black angel from high altitude rapidly and to tide my heart, shot an arrow, limp body on the beach, a wake, the pain was gone, the heart empty, only half white heart.  That heart, beautiful, glistening, I have to ask ourselves, where are you going, it says, to take me across the vast sea, enjoy the beautiful life.So I revel in it at the mercy of childhood, really beautiful!  Spring, the age of innocence of childhood, into the arms of their parents, enjoy endless gentle.Night, cool breeze, the moonlight, shining deep love.I sat on my father’s shoulders, gently fiddled with his hair.Dad’s hair, a thick, rough, oily, I quietly took out hidden in the pocket of apron, his head pierced many braids.”Good naughty children, I do not punish you!”So my father from me scratch itch, I smile from ear to ear.Mother followed behind, singing a song: Moonlight, according to Hall, Aberdeen shrimp you get out of bed to sleep obediently!”Quiet moonlight, pouring with it’s warm and sweet!  I like to drink the wine, gorgeous great joy of childhood, childhood parental care endless waves make me happy in the cradle.  I took half hearts, ups and downs in the sea.Confused, I saw myself in the past, the poor themselves only with soybean meal a day, wearing his mother mend tattered clothes, school, homework I do not know what that is, I do not know what friendship is, the students will be subject to turn a blind eye every day, sarcastic comments , all sorts of bullying; every day, endless operations, heavy bags, the exam is always the last one, the teacher angry disappointed eyes, so I can not look into their eyes; every late have become a habit, not with a red scarf , fights with classmates, work is not active, at the free classes at Duke; Kapok open season, cold wind, cold cold rain, wind in my face, stinging, stinging, fighting back, let the tears slide.Such as giant waves, crazy scenes shaking my body, childhood, flitted through my mind.Vaguely see his mother gaunt face, a full head of white hair!The same is golden years, why, they just as beautiful as the gorgeous spring flowers bloom, flowers, sunshine fills the air, green grass, the girl feel like a spring breeze, a look of makeup greet the sun; the boy slightly masculine edge, hands holding a toy – submachine gun fight in tact hiding in the run chase.And my boy, you experience sadness, frustration, loneliness and suffering, the heart of the world, darkness, and not light, do not believe, vista, rainbow after the storm do not believe, do not believe my future is not a dream, it is so deeply in sadness and loneliness, the oppressed and the influx of students laugh at the teacher’s cold and disgust, wasted the best years of!What month, I can see the top of the hill brilliant glow?When and where I can catch my dream, indomitable travel?  Mother is old, run-down as autumn eclipsed Hawthorn, do not, my destiny, but also miserable than she?  Teenage shadow my whole life is difficult to get rid of sadness, my dream is to want to feel that beautiful serene happy childhood days!  Floating in the storm, laid hold direction dream.The sea gradually return to calm, the clouds dispersed, clouds that sail to, then suddenly the sea as mother’s arms, gently supports the weight of my body, blue sky, azure skies, blue as blue agate stone, in the sun’s shining, as if hiding some kind of huge amounts of energy.  Good day now resorted to the clouds, to shoot me a red arrow, my heart a bit soft touch, pain, very true.Mother and speak in the ears: “Daughter, be strong!”There are some things, painful, some love, can no longer continue, some injuries can not heal.However, sometimes gently touch the scars, only feeling that life is real, escaping blindly, blindly curled up in the arms of their loved ones in the past blindly indulge in the warmth and splendor, the heart will become timid, cowardly ,inability.  Positive thought, my heart is back, my weight is normal enough so that I can walk on land, however, it turned red, I remember past pain and injury, courage to face, no feared!    Part VI: Thanks for the Memories cool rainy night rain, swept away the oppressive hot air, between heaven and earth suddenly make a new look.  I love this rain, umbrella walking in the green promenade, listening to the sound of dripping, it seems to be the most refreshing sounds of nature.Rain is falling on the land, the soil will be integrated into the embrace, the kiss like lovers forever, never leave points.At some point, I really had the impulse to throw away all fetters, naked naked into the rain, started running barefoot, then it’s a speech can not be touched.Let rain across my body every inch of skin, let the raindrops hitting my blissful face, let me gallop rainwater infiltration feet, let Yuhua bloom in my heart leisurely sea.Reluctantly returned to the house, the rain will soak the umbrella away, looking extremely pure rain fall gently to the floor, like drops of tears transparent clarity, Yang Kai colorful Roubo on the floor.Out of the window came the rain fascinated, like a nagging mother fine.I can not wait to open the window and let the wind carry the cool rain filling my study, late at night, dark, moon and stars her young children were also to go on vacation, leaving only leisurely and convivial Rain is all the way between heaven and earth wave.That green leaves swaying in the wind giggled, pulling Rain hand with co-beat dancing.  I love rain, love this feeling of cool cool rain, but also love her gentle, peaceful, love, and yet spiritual qualities.Listen, exhort in the Rain, the interest of all things sound, no longer restless; listening, singing in the Rain, even the most lost and lonely sparrow also played a snoring.Then, abruptly, feeling the rain suddenly hurried up, oh, maybe she saw the wounds land and see the farmers sorrow face, saw the seedlings in the dry land of the dying, the way she worried rushed to these urgent rain kids go, even millions of times is hard as a rock hit land into crumbs scattered rain, she still stubbornly spread her love, her strength did not weaken the end, defeat the land, become tame, full, soft, seedlings new lease of life, Zheng then germinal school of life.  I love the rain.    Part Seven: Chengdu late autumn casual recollections today, throughout the day in the busy rush of troublesome to have to rush to spend.  In front of the whole world rapidly flashing, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, motorcycle, three rounds of streaking in the competition, as if after another marathon.  When people hurried shuttle road, the crowd gathered in the street, across the street people anxious wait for the green light next to a zebra crossing, walking fast on lamppost light curtain silhouette with bicycle wheels were rolling rotation just show up, people immediately with bicycle rapid out in force and over.  In the west of the country, it has grown to more than ten million people in Chengdu, the vehicle, a sharp increase in the expansion of the city’s population simultaneously.  Reputation leisure city of Chengdu, also showed that intense coastal city work, life stress and fast-paced dynamic.The city’s various animals, have repeatedly interpretation of impetuous, shaking, jumping notes.  At the moment, I feel myself in this hustle and bustle of the city, and even doubt whether the city’s downtown in one of the slag.  However, Chengdu in the end worthy of livable cities.  Tonight, early autumn night, after dinner, take a walk to the water for a family of three bridge.  Longwan Peninsula, Kanli river water under the willow only about one meter embankment on more than one kilometer of road, gossip, hand in hand walk, enjoy bathing in the cool evening breeze this.  Breeze blowing grass shade, the other side edge of the lawn, bursts of music floating in the air.Elegant stroll, listen to soothing light music city, watching the distant buildings of modern Colorful lights, colorful, sky color, how cool cool autumn night, ah, as if the soul wanders in the endless wilderness.  Autumn breeze carried away the tension and stress during the day, blowing a pleasant and relaxed evening.  Been two thousand years of history of the old city, can be quite attractive, to keep, just hold, hold people’s heart is carefully crafted a beautiful green environment, with elegant chic, Sheung Shui, Yuen extension interspersed with clear water creek.  It seems, I do not want associating with the impetuous, do not like the hustle and bustle, I am very low key, just like the clear little river, neither fast nor slow flowing slowly.Chapter Eight: the night was light floc life experience I like the deep night, in the dead of night time.It looked empty eyes when it looked earth.When the night is surrounded by a black curtain of my world, I will faint in the quiet of the night inside, and all frustration message to the vast night sky, and more bring out a kind of “Nostalgia” mood.  Summer night, Wan Lai stillness of the night, the village where I was even more lifeless.Light drizzle sprinkled on the ground, which is dry land, this point only rain wet ground dust, seemed to be somewhat insignificant.The height of summer, farmers need a lot of rain to irrigate thirsty crops, but failed.However, after the rain of the night gave the earth to bring some unique scenery, fresh and stale air gradually up, occasionally floated bursts familiar earthy.In addition to the grass around their houses at night insects unashamed singing the ditty night outside, they no longer next to no noise of.  Not far away from the residence, there is a wide flat asphalt road.Occasionally heard bursts of large asphalt uploaded to the truck engine sound, because the road ahead is uphill, probably too heavy cargo load compartment, the engine is very very difficult, a dull roar.I do not know why, my heart went out gasps truck pulled tightly, life is not that right too?Who carry heavy loads, sometimes the weight of people can not breathe, have a strong go.  Muffled roar of the truck at night the sound of music instantly disappeared around their houses, waking the sleeping dog, tweet their protest against the passing vehicles, to issue several more severely warning.This sound is also disturbed sleeping the night was emotional bark broke the quiet world.  When I return tired and covered with carrying warm harbor, off the noise of the day, indulge and silent still of the night.Fly quietly counting the raindrops on the window frames of sound and concentrate on listening to them “ticking” beat the window lattice.They are playing out melodies, sometimes appear chaotic, sometimes high passion.But as long as the intention to listen to the rhythm of raindrops gently brings tears, the heart will be a relaxed comfortable, but also feel happy moments when raindrops falling on earth with sorrow.Heart with rain move, it randomly pick out the notes may also wish to even the sounds of nature sounds, but also with the heart rhythm and the rhythm of the rain, the release of pent-up emotions.  The busy pace of work day, so the thinking brain time to carefully consider the details of negligence at work, only quiet night accompanied only allow me to have a quiet moment to enjoy the warmth of home brought few words of love that brought sweet consolation moved.Only banish his thoughts in the dead of night, let this warmth and joy echoed in this endless night.  In quiet moments like the night, climb on the balcony overlooking the deserted alley opposite piece.In the dim neon lights, empty alley with lights in lonely accompanied.Under some bumpy puddle neon, neon long figure with its own shines relic shadow alone, together into the puddle of water mirage side surface, and refracted lights in small water droplets off silver.In the United States alone reward that rainy night of breathtaking scenery at the same time, I embrace the quiet of the night appearance, it can also throw my boredom in the absence of the country, people can not help but think of Chan Yu: all things are empty realm.  When the quiet environment will inevitably cruising thoughts drift away in the quiet of space and time lamenting life’ve been through bit by bit, the sentiment after the defeat of fine chemicals.Sometimes the kind of glad sense “blessing in disguise blessing in disguise” will be felt from the bottom of my heart.Are often accompanied with a quiet night, sometimes inevitably in a negative mood to think about the whole thing would be the perfect ending.Even the most frustrating self-comforting like “car to Piedmont Road,” the saying goes too early forget completely, leaving only worried knot in the night and reason do unnecessary resistance.Start to finish, the perfect ending only illusory dream made unrealistic a break.  Day and night will always be complementary proportionate, the laws of nature no one can change not contrary to, or else there had gushing Tianlun.Day, we enjoy the scenery are more real side.And along the way to appreciate the most beautiful landscape, we failed to give it the most beautiful appraise conclusion.He finds fault with that kind of effort to forget about, but the good moment can mark mind the sea.  During the day down a black curtain, meditation and spiritual darkness slowly aftertaste accompanied.I want to realize why Zen daytime only glance he departed, leaving much of the night is too much thinking!  Face recollections of night and day, as we face life’s journey, how forward.Life is long step by step, a big step forward must be the sense of travel.Sometimes I looked up the road ahead, a long look good feeling knows no boundaries.When I traveled this road, but from a distance looked back himself so close!  Life is short, having chosen this path, either the sun or the thorny road of the cliffs, convinced that “Nothing is unachievable” This belief is enough!