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Part One: serene swaying in the nib  ?Who would like to use an ink pad, send all my thoughts?Who will weep cup of tea, in addition to all my troubles?Who is willing to make a lifetime, de-cherished wish of my life?  Breeze blowing, bring touch of cool, but left no room hair fragrant gardenia.Close your eyes, smell the breeze of taste, pure and fresh, thorough fresh, different in the past, the same as yesterday past.  Turn on the computer and began writing this chapter a day.Corner occasionally beating head, always let my mind flashed you have read like scattered around you, but all are well?Window pretty delicate words, but words not see any aesthetic emotion, only the cups on the table, the milk can always exudes warm mood of the day, if you can, I would like to divide these warm half with you.  Another year season of prosperity, but no longer have you, no I, no longer have him, after all, we are wandering in their respective horizon.Silent corner, scattered over the ground, and my thoughts, and you never tells a steel frame Zheng Yan.  Flowers open and defeat, thanks again opened, and repeatedly interpretation of the cycle of life.And we, a do not, actually want to draw on a permanent terminator remaining, only this lonely years and the days of anxiety Cang.Silent flowers, flowers silence, the silence of the beautiful, elegant in a beautiful, comfortable in the hustle and bustle, gardenia emotions, can not but have a bit drunk?However, such feelings have become each other’s lives in the past interpreted in silence.  Sunshine probe into the window, bringing a gentle, accompanied by greetings heart, asked carrying love, hope it can go a little to you the most sincere wishes.This pen down, noisy silence, I only wish Hello!    Part II: Looking back at the past, resolutely so serene after many days and nights, read it slowly a few months, secretive.  Non-renewal of the road, it has been very, very long..When, from the edge of the mood began to extend, spread.Past and not come back, come back already gone past the taste.One can imagine the reality of things, man child reality, the reality of society.How cruel is.Not afford to dream too much, just to family health, happiness is like.  Start, seem to feel that, on their own who is good, who would like himself, for he is good.In the end, only to find that he had been too naive to think that the.Life, no thought, no if, let alone if it.There Cheng orderly, coherent, is recognized.But let ask: who can do it so perfect it?  Time, you can define a lot of things.However, it can also destroy a lot of their own frustrations often unexpected results.Not their own inexplicable sad, in many cases, the idea is not controlled, mood did not answer.So, not happy, give yourself put a little holiday, cry to cry.Sauna net time, so, a little bit of flowing.Feel it, the people around him, gradually grow old in that he is the same.Deeply affected by the same.  In the process, at a loss.See loved ones put up with hardships.Occasionally, when a person, often silly fantasy: want to quickly grow up and know some more.Let the family worry about.Own, doing well will be the same.Organized.Grew up is no longer a heavy topic.Perhaps, more to remind himself that he is no longer a carefree child.With the run-time, with the transformation of things, all in all, they are scattershot purpose of disappeared.Trouble will come immediately.I think, because I do not live in the little things, and let their melancholy one day.I’m still very happy.Custom laughing and crying.  In the muddy whirlpool, cry no trouble, obviously, we have to try to be brave.No umbrella children must work to run forward.What time, will be successful.Not free, it is good.Any time you want to take into account the feelings of their loved ones around, alive boring for yourself.Only family, let me have touched, pleased with.But also to thank you, friends and family care.With among you, imagine, this time, to live for a long time.just now.Do not explain, some people understand.In the hearts, assured of their own right.Ha ha.By default, imprinted in the hearts of loved ones.Precipitation, from time to time to encourage my friends.Not afraid of no wood to burn.  Finally, the tree still while the wind blows.Son wants, parents not wait..We, contentment and happiness.  Properly appreciate, the only solo.Instant picture.A long time refused to leave, lopsided.Part Three: love bring you tranquility and serenity in this world years removed, the Red drunk really love the language, time weak youth, regrets the old face, loved, hated, cried, laughed, chopped constantly tangled.Cecil love, love Wanlv, it is regrettable, but still no match for the barrier of time and space; scattered, chaotic, the slightest sweet words still ringing in the ears, but still no match marshes; tired, tired, little miss is still heart, but Only stay Remembrance parting words.Not the old love, finally into a myth, had a chance to consider the matter, it has been dissipated in time and space.The children who had promised, finally gone, had a chance to say goodbye, has disappeared in the sea, vague, until they are swallowed night.And I can only tightly hush, piercing pain endured, any tears in the eyes round and round, looking once loved you, lopsided, and understand the warmth.  First thoughts like a beautiful song, singing unlimited fondly: one, a scene, Yichen, from the mud to the landscape, once hard, remembers.The past is always past, the future or the future.I once asked the color of your future, you pointed to the patch of sky after the rain, I gently smiling and looking up, he vowed to have it printed inside the heart.I love to laugh years later cheeks, tears occasionally hung with a string, can you send me the patch of blue, never afraid to be alone with me.Life perfect answer, nothing but walked no regrets, and sometimes very sad loss, heart through wind and rain, as long as the sky and into the deep blue, haze all it was all gone.Toward the distant road laden with happiness, accompanied by a touch of bitterness, the summer twilight, autumn is getting stronger, seasons change, do not go off the Red dreamer, how many ups and downs like smoke, very thick rare crazy hope edge.  Missing is a kind of happiness, intoxicated; miss is a worry, people obsessed; miss is a concern, people warm; miss is a state of mind, people sweet.Missing is a woven jacket with love, makes you feel warm; miss is a carefully woven scarves, people feel intimate; soul to miss a pair of knitted gloves, feels mild.Missing is whenever and wherever they are abandoned to watch.Thoughts such as hills are covered with azaleas, clusters, like a piece Hongxia, scattered on the heart, like a cloud of flame, shiny red quiet atrium.Miss, such as the breeze gently blowing over your face, bring you spring fragrance.As one leaves, slowly fall on your shoulders, give you a golden autumn; like a ray of sunshine, warm to climb up your forehead, love to bring you tranquility and serenity.  Faint memories of the years, memories of her long love rain, something, by chance in the inevitable, the moment is forever.Not demanding, worthwhile read, happiness is so simple to execute an idea, trapped in a thought, an idea down, self-love.Life, however, is a bustling feast, but unfortunately the time when flowers, revel Whispering, not only to enjoy the good process, at the same time, but also learn to practice an indifferent state of mind.A joy a worry from the heart, a dry landscape are a wing.Life is short, pronto, to live free and easy, do not regret for life.There the fire was coming sparkling shout out, there is an emotional vent out, there is love speaks out!He live a porch, living him a whim, do not pity myself.The truth is precious, carefully accompany drunk, life will pass quickly, until too late to turn back, this life and love were no regrets.  Memories like a song, forgot the lyrics, but the melody humming draw, it also washed away record does not go in and out freely later in life.People like nostalgia, memories of life experiences is an acronym version, hidden within the heart of a happy and sweet, bitter and sad will be in the years wasted in covering with precipitation in the bottom of my heart.Sweet feeling, happy memories.Put music again, and again, so it has been continued, as if not stop thoughts.Finally understand that a termination, or sad, or laugh, not the music itself, but the heart of the listener.Let go, I give you one last gentle, do not disturb, I give you eternal blessing, watch, wish my life forever, since then not to go, be sure to Enron, read this life, also unharmed, do not hang Wunian!Once met, with slight lifetime, I Love.  Time conversion, appreciate the fickle fate; dull silent, feeling of human well-being.Traveled section of the road, always have time to comprehend; experience something in order to see some people.Life, the most rare is to have a good friend.The most difficult to put the true feelings.The most memorable is the human heart.The most difficult to find are people who understand.When adversity, in order to taste human well-being; when necessary, in order to see through the feelings of true and false.Spring Mo wasted several times, life is short, discard sorrow care, comfortable sun after the storm, the Red bucket turn, illusory dream, the road to join hands love, I am your constant scenery, you are my forever warm, do not the first mistake into a lifetime miss.Forgive is not difficult, as long as the emotional depth; not far forever, as long as the real one another.Meaning the truth is not a whim, but I dependent, removed years of life, the language of love really drunk Red.