About shallow autumn article

Part One: If the heart shallow autumn mountains like a magnetic field, when we are tired, so back pack trip to the mountains.We had a chance to read all the time, our steps and went into another seasonal in.Spring scattered think that rustled fragrance of white flowers, and have now borne fruit over the branches of the grave, is it because of the rhyme flowers, summer wind chord, singing the autumn clouds, only this pious rich harvest it!The white flowers in spring and is the messenger responsible for Aoyama wrote epic pear, scattered into the mud footnote, with thin time with fragrant mud all the way into the autumn fruitful pear.  A Lonely to the mountains, and autumn, the wind seems to be with a dash of years of vicissitudes.Lonely Castle in a fall, which encroach on the pen, then wrote the word Akiba monument vanish, and this autumn, in the square Yan’s gone again, and last night’s rain in a wet thoroughly Acacia, then carved golden garden this time in today’s costumes.  Autumn years, something like a hidden line of scissors, Goddess of spring flowers, summer insects shallow sing, but autumn is a collection pays homage to and remember all.In the autumn’s yellowed pages of time, hometown deeply, fingers knocking knocker, Qing Ji at the moment this notion, reflected many old things old people old thing, glitz and cloud of dust, and that deeply miss home, that total can not be weak in the past that moonlit night under the shadow of the fence, mountains and rivers in all those years past, just in the midst of Qing Ji grand scale mountains, my vision is touched to the dream garden Bashan: my hometown, courtyard, river.If the heart shallow autumn, only in this unique serenity in order to appreciate a different kind of a different kind of beautiful, warm summer faded, but that autumn is the most exciting colors, and not to care about those colorful stories each person’s life would have been toward the road ahead, I just feel the heart at this time, Enron dash, dash of quiet beauty, it is a good time.  Why are we so obsessed with walking the mountains, because our world, as is often the heart of the desire I looked parched, might as well, in the quiet of the mountains to were born, your heart will give birth to a cool, let us smile often linked eyes, as in this encounter a crossroads, we will understand more deeply, so this is not a desolate and bleak autumn, but the soul of another and thick incense drunk beauty.    Part II: Homecoming shallow autumn, autumn is getting stronger, just want to be self-imposed exile, with time dance, and autumn peers.  - Inscription after the beginning of autumn, the weather is a lot of really cool.Day significantly shortened.Night, some long.Sleep, sleep soundly the.Roadside trees have a slight yellow leaves falling, the pace of autumn, really close to the.  I quietly sat in the window, eyes closed slightly, from time to time with cool autumn wind blowing through.Cool and comfortable..  Like autumn, just like the same mood of the sea.Sauna net autumn approaching, the vegetation mosaic, are beginning to decline dying.But it can make people become sober and safe.Lonely state of mind has been rendered season, it seems that the soul can find resonance.  Time flies, time rush, when the long path covered with golden leaves, when bare branches covered with frost, when the piece into a barren field, when the force is getting old, when black hair becomes white hair, willing Jun Mo blame old Love.Chaos, things change, such as the youthful quiet Yiyu heart, should be free to be themselves like Ling Yun.  Vicissitudes of tired, still waters run deep, if the dream smoke.Tempting affectionate, Lakeshore empty Pitt, Fall in love with yellow leaves, autumn Fall in love with the tranquility, Fall in love with night long, lingering Fall in love with love.Red purple street, no matter how rough and subjected to suffering, my heart will still be maintained at a constant temperature, and look forward to another season of waiting for spring.  The road is long, love transitory man, the vast sky, the Green Wave shallow, and people far horizon.Walking alone in the long history of life, when loneliness becomes a habit, become lonely and enjoy everything to everything seems no longer important, just for the month when empty, toast drink alone, alone appreciate, taste alone, alone, intoxicated.  Homecoming, Autumn is getting stronger, just want to be self-imposed exile, with time dance, and autumn peers.Experience of life, finger stained vanity, then no need to use language to express the heart of all.  Early in the morning, light autumn, tranquil blue sky, the wind day Qinghe, Hidaka shadows.Red purple street, evening twilight Zhao Zhao, life is such a reincarnation, everything seems very close nearness, everything seemed very far away from me, reminding us of scenes dream.In fact, why should people live so real it, give yourself a better shape then why not dream of it?  Life also said that long long or a short is short, limited life go try to do the things they like to do it, so when graying at the temples, too old to walk, they can sit in the window, slowly He recalls that precious and memorable past, even once how much pain and frustration is for you, that time, in retrospect, the mouth will gently rise, the feeling is so beautiful and rare.  Beautiful and gorgeous past is always short and floating in the air like the wind, but the memory will eventually be borne in mind in the deepest corner of an inner, permanent collection.    Part III: study in the autumn light pen, is shallow autumn.  Wind, Yela, but also a season.  Heart, some sense of loss, some little melancholy, perhaps because of the leaves, perhaps because of the coolness, and perhaps also because the spoke.  A spring season I love the waves gently funeral piles mind since, counting time away, twirling quiet time to see, how many people pass by silently waiting for my village, so after years of sedimentation tell you like you just a little bit.So as not to have read tease wave, it will not touch a move has hurt.  Thus, the quiet solitude of the time hiding in the corner, let the past take it lightly, let meet fade, grow old.Despite the regret, though unwilling, but helpless.After all met at the wrong time in.  Alienate network, no longer obsessed with the virtual in all the static fireworks over life.I am thinking that this is where the real dull.However, when, a song a child tide wet eyes when similar figure pass, when the familiar voice arrived eardrum, when, deep eyes touch the hearts of a move, the slightest idea, not the spread of self-control in my heart ,roll.It turned out that read, never leave.Soul, never disembodied.  In fact, do not want to, really do not want to hear such Resentment of music, they begin not want to write the text, afraid poke hurt themselves, hurt people passing by, but at the moment do not want to go against their own, do not want to pretend unnecessary, I do not want to force yourself.  I know that these words have little little attention, and since fade networks rarely go carefully concerned about who’s writing, nothing left several sisters abruptly stopped writing, perhaps tired of it all!Former reciprocity, once seemingly crowded space is also my indifference eleven cooling.  The past can not resist, after all, failed to keep the go.And as in life, to rush, go in a hurry, but it is ended after a busy final.And as this season, branches Mao Sheng Ye was eventually dying autumn.Meet as a big victory party Huan Discovery after a final but is thin cold…  Think, snow small Zen “sit”, is the kind of state of mind after years of sedimentation, see through the earth all sorts of ideas, only their own is their own eternal.Solitude is the clear joy to the ‘people’ of another round of interpretation.The lotus, not proud Save qualities, not only weathered years scrambling Huan.  Stand the time really is the most polished, after being filtered is heart-warming years.I say you are, I will be in.We say never betray.Thank those who accompany a Lu Momo’s friends from the bottom of my heart, even though most of the time but you speechless innocent love, shallow idea I have been silent hidden heart.  The only group dropped out, despite all sympathetic sister group, but the group did not like the atmosphere, it also rejected the invitation of a friend who, in the group you have a word, a phrase I could not find the breakthrough point, think of the group have not spoken for a long time, I do not know what to say.Sisters for a long time did not group chat, they were talking of a sudden calm down, I know that everyone has everybody’s business, also has a story, I do not want to have touched a chord is triggered.He Shijing down micro-channel I do not know, accent the group and sisters from around the world have let the moment but after I fell in love instantly and as bright fireworks ash covered ground.  Stop and go, come and go, stop, look back, smile, forgetting will be carved dark or light traces time.  Read the mind, then silent, or not to be, read or do not read, I remember the time.  A landscape both love, the cool autumn, has recently been indulging in the evening, there is the poignant setting sun, carrying warmth.There is a light breeze ask, the wind had read a taste, read the figure has Makino Lake.Put pen to paper, is Shennian.  Moonset, star thin, is a twilight.