About share of loneliness article

Part One: jealously guarding its share of loneliness alone and lonely it is visual; bosom friend is hard to find, it is a lonely spiritual; nothing to rely on, it is lonely emotional; highbrow, it is a spiritual loneliness.Night walk alone traveler, not because of the cold at night, accompanied by a long night and no one stopped to look for that temporary warm lights, because he was convinced that Venus is about to light up in front of the sun will be in front her beautiful blooming splendor.  Long sand stands on the road played a seat hump, not because the sun baked, wind and shed responsibility for the winds of life, will still persistent and firm pace towards afar, because he was convinced that we resist loneliness and solitude , you will enjoy an oasis of warmth and sweetness.  Wind howling in bloom, the flowers will not fade, no appreciation and dim his face, opposite the more ignored, the more Vying Doo-yeon, because she knows, she needs to pay the spring, the winter she needs to decorate.  Jealously guarding its share of loneliness, fewer trips to the mind of many fetters; jealously guarding its share of loneliness, life becomes pure and simple; jealously guarding its share of loneliness, will increasingly blue sky.Part II: We all need to share this lonely gently ushered in July, also ushered in the anniversary of the University of.After this point we turn to a higher level, to the second year of a better life.Year of life so short, only silence in memory of the freshman would have gone through this period of time.Those previous agreement we could not every one of them to cash, still in possession of a wonderful dream in my heart, our common pursuit, towards the same goal can in the coming days, living the ideal of the kingdom, joy to appreciate the beauty of your heart!  Today friends in the space message said: I hope to go to a strange place, no one knows our place.This sentence reminds me of the overall total once we have together agreed, had got together in Wuhan cherry blossom season to enjoy; had agreed to go to a like paradise places in general, he had promised to go to KTV to sing the song has been I want to sing along with songs.Those mutual agreement has been keeping everything, always returning to meet with incomplete can not be said, can only look forward to the next reunion is you and I are together, we drink a toast to all be realized once the agreement.We came up with a longing look forward to the future, one good chase.Unknown reason can always pleased me down and give me a cheer, give me strength in my helpless when my forward momentum in my disappointment when.Now though we are miles apart, not together to achieve those who have agreed, but I believe in our hearts to each other, there will be a position can not be replaced.Sauna net year’s time found myself really matured a lot, every time I saw a friend of mine always says: you lost innocence before, more of a reality to stable.Every time I hear such words always mind flavors grains, but their growth happy sigh time passes.This time the relentless knife imprint left too much in the past years, looking at the record bit by bit, gently stroking those injuries endured, recorded growth of clear and bitter.Those who accompanied me all the way through, and those touching moments, those things that motivate people warm scene I move forward, scene heart.  This year, I went to many places not previously visited, a man looked at a lot of people who just spots in the mouth, but also the feeling of this life in the most classical beauty.Think of a person standing on the share of open-minded when the Yangtze River Bridge, remembered by boat over the Lake of open, think of a person standing in front of that peace was the Yellow Crane Tower.Exposure to natural leisurely, feel the earth breathing, feeling really wonderful, as if everything does not exist, throwing off all the troubles.Some just close your eyes and hugged the wind, and embracing nature, I like to embrace the feeling of the wind, the kind of “music in its midway me comfortable,” let my passion to regain the feeling of life, let me stop quietly thinking.I also like to think like the phrase do not know who said “Life is the product of thought.”.Fudan University professor watched a video, she said: “People need to think about life in lonely solitude.”Loneliness is entirely our own time, everyone should have their own full time.  This year, unlike the previous year of life.During the year I learned to organize their lives is not a person to feel lonely endless; this year I try to live their ideal life is not follow the crowd; this year I understand some things in my heart more than on the lips of people moving.Perhaps too many of my friends said mature.  Lonely world with a lone forward in our silence, we all need solitude, you need to think about their own life in solitude!