About Shien article

Part One: table Shien not know?teacher!I always have a sense of guilt for you, you know?  Sixth grade, I was always with full of ignorant question, again and again rushed to your home to find that a clear answer ideas.So often, even at dinner, you will stop and solve problems for me, again and again patiently explain.Each time you are so careful, so every time you are patient, said talk.And I even know you very hard, but as long as you do not understand the question not consciously go to your home.You are so selfless, but I was so selfish!  After graduation, when I was admitted to their desired school, not rationally excitedly straight to your home to tell you that the good news, your happy smile.  Since then, I did not go to your house, even though I am a teacher and just steps away your home, but could not summon the courage to always.Because every once went to your home, do not always know to post your home can tell you something, what to talk, every time timidly turned back home from your doorstep, then mercilessly blame themselves.  I was so weak, notice any word of thanks speechless, dare not here and you talk about the learning experience.I was really too cold-blooded, ruthless too!But I always think, Shien can not be expressed in words, it requires us to use their own actions to indicate to the teacher they shed sweat for their students is valuable and their students have their teachings in mind the.Perhaps, this is my excuses for their cowardice.But the teacher, really Thank you, thank you for your careful guidance, thank you let me round this impossible dream of a!    Part II: fingertips Hua Xie Shien fingers tap the keyboard, blooming flowers blossoming on the screen allow into soulful pick a bunch of fragrant, gently sent to the window mentor.  The passage of time, those laughter innocence taken away, and left me alone in the darkness struck, again and again looking at the stars have lost good share of Remembrance.  Remember graduated that year, he turned away, leaving behind a land of love, but never thought that my departure is the end of this era of student life.Bright future can no longer sit in a classroom listening to the teacher’s teaching.My only after the night in the corner, the breakdown of the TV drama a section of unforgettable memories that remained in grief.  Let me once that having left the school, the playground that carries sweat and tears; those with me for the ideals of the classmate friend; a teacher who gave me the guidance and wisdom of life.Now it has become a distant memory, but never going past.How many times sauna net memories of wanton tears flowing quietly in cheek, how many times woke up the pillow still at the non-air-dried tears.How many times tears went into a dream, let me go back to that haunting shadow of a dream school, sitting in the bright classroom again, to see the face of those long-lost classmates, and the teacher goes the familiar.  The dream of a teacher, as shown signs, not experienced weathered the years is still young and disseminated moving.Or as usual as gently walked beside me, bent over me about those exercises sour difficult to understand.Or it will fall sunset in the evening twilight, pointing to the sky to tell me the true meaning of life; or will again give patience when I encounter difficulties encouragement and support.  Once common past, but at the moment I become the greatest luxury, and now can only sigh a time that unusual.Little bit of kindness, only to always remember, this situation will be deeply engraved in the word section of this chapter in the passage of years.  After many years, perhaps Aging will quietly climb over the forehead, black hair in front of that amount will be repeated in a few infected inadvertently frost.But in my mind, or teacher you still like that eternal dream!  In the Teacher’s Day approaching, ie, to send these flowers bloom, brought the murmur of a greeting, to wish all teachers a happy holiday!    Part three: Shien went to Teacher’s Day, and can not help but think of so many years I cared about my teachers helped.  West teacher, when your class is always so tough, does not allow us deserted, failed the examination was staying, did not finish the job will be beaten.In elementary school that had become habits, and you shape our serious attitude.Remember when you gave me candy, young I think of it as a reward for each successful; remember when going to the movies, you buy it for me to eat popsicles, it is sweet to the taste of the heart; remember that time you students are not allowed to watch TV at night, I say it does not matter, you can see.You always ask me to come first, did not test well the most severe punishment is kneeling board, but you never let me kneel before, that only time is my own punishment.So many years, you are sure a lot of old.Now I’m wiser, but I never saw you, nor your contact, every holiday even do not know where to send text messages.You will remember me, remember that crying quietly while you try to be brave little girl?  Zheng teacher, you are so amiable, always the same face as the spring breeze, impression you had only sent us a temper, that you punish us also your own, that road deep scar reminds us to stick to complete the task on time.You always inspire our thinking, our literary quality training in all aspects; recitation contest, blackboard newspaper design, production card, creative writing ,,, You take us into a fun language classroom.Remember when you had this in my essay written comments: I have taught you is the best students, you are my pride,, I remember you in the exam and I said, trying to test within the city of one hundred.The result, I do not live up to expectations ah so how, to live up to all expectations, a waste of your expectations, carrying Wan pride in the reputation, after all, did not come to fight for the honor of his alma mater.I never had the courage to see you ashamed, afraid to see you.So many years, I never forgot you had such a concern I appreciate my teacher.Maybe someday When I started, and over the height, will have the courage to see you.  Money teacher, your class very interesting, when I was bloated, always less than their ideal test results.You said I was too quiet, a little sentimental, that time out of the house so much, I did not how how lively and cheerful up.So you always talk to me, allow me to sleep the morning reading lesson, invite me to your house for dinner.You say you want to recognize me as your daughter, then I think you’re younger than me uncle, how can there be so much ah daughter.Soon afterwards you transferred, I was the last one to know, and say that the students are from, you want me to say sorry, you did not tell me so early.Then later you change the phone number, my home phone number is also changed, I can not contact you, now you do not know how, and occasionally I would not think, that once melancholy girl.  Cars teacher, you’re always so polite, humble, every time I greet you, you did not say anything to my help, I thank you bless.How could you, you have helped me a lot, and my college when most familiar with the teacher out of class teacher is you, always ask your questions, always after-school district that you consult.Remember me sick, you take me to the hospital to find your student, and later she always let me see a doctor first, then I go to practice to always consult your hospital who do, you have taken the trouble to tell me that even back school when you say that we have no place to live you can arrange.You are my teacher said in class, after school is like a friend, and it should help me.My inability to repay your kindness, you can only cry in the festival greetings.  Bell teacher, I have always remember you, internships that time, Thank you very much for your help.I was not happy to find you a chat, and once also cried a lot, you know I do always advised me not to come to their senses, to put a long-term vision, I promised you give up that relationship, but later still could not completely broken strings Flanagan, after all wounded.Do not worry you, I’m fine, better than ever, I would be very brave to go on, I will try.If one day I found my Mr. Right, get married in that time I will not forget to send you smoke.Although this is a joke we had, but I will remember, I will always remember you, bless you.  There are many who taught me, helped me, cared about my teacher, thank all of you, to accompany me through a happy learning time.  Shien memorable, much moved, than I can say, now only blend into a “happy holidays!”