About Silent article

Part One: Silent Night Silent night, the music flowing with wonderful notes, thoughts dignified night, always think of the text.I am not able to swim freely in the text in person, but in a happy, sad, happy vv borrow words when the voice of Bale.  Happiness when to use it to show off, it is the tool to vent the sorrow, happiness when it is naughty child, I was so not obscure use of the word.  Writing is not deserve to say, just speak their mind only, not worthy of showing off, and only from the tour Bale.These have a quiet night look past the log, the recollection of those past memories, sometimes unable to extricate themselves immersed in that the memory.  Music flowing mind blowing, I want to be able to write a multi-head, persevering, only reluctantly stumped ink.Make clear mind to think on paper, and more want to be able to express feelings.  This would not cover up the people, even the text without modification, and specifically pick concise and mediocrity, because I’m a very simple and mediocrity, I did not find anyone in the crowd.  Like flying thoughts in music, I like to travel in the text, though not handsome extract the words, however, lyrical Inner Voices enough fun.Without modification of the text, simply vulgar person is a harmony of Sonata.  And a beautiful melody, text is also fluent.Mei Mei innocent note text, in such a night encounter, filed my desire.I like the freedom to express, no hierarchy and what not to limit the subject matter.Because I was naive, because I am me, I will not grow up, I like my childish.Too many disputes and frustration, occasional childish considered lazy.  Night, this stillness, quiet you can hear his heart beating, heart sounds with the music jumps, is missing.Thoughts slowly, slowly come in this night is not missing is missing.    Part II: unknown silence I’ve been on the road, no matter for what reason.  A very young age, when everyone told me that in the future the way that only you can come out, I knew I shoulder the great mission of more than one.At that time they feel that they must have their own way, even though those are unknown blank.Previously did not think the unknown is how terrible, is the most feel powerless, and from the life of many people, the start will be concerned about what will want to leave, people will become insecure, always felt something sooner or later to betray their own, such as their own.  Even now, I have been reluctant to admit that he is betraying himself.It is believed that most of their own, but when all the waves struck, cowardly hiding behind them, sit on the sidelines all this ridiculous perform the play, in that only they can protect the heart and soul of the time, has chosen instead of others to give you your self-denial.Even their own can not give a sense of security, as well as who is eligible?In the experience of some hindsight, why not become stronger, but at the most critical time, chose to retreat chose to avoid?In fact, they are not wrong, I’ll just sake of self-righteous, self-righteous correct, self-righteous commitment, self-righteous goodwill, my self-righteous, never really had remorse.  And now I can seriously say to yourself that you are beautiful to a dazzling wrong, you come quickly and ignorant, this is not the right time, this is not the right place, if your presence is my future contempt, then I can not be selfish to choose their own time?I have no preparation, you can only stand being affected to laugh at me, you will say, Look, this is what you asked for the result, you dare to accept it?I can not, has never been afraid, and more would like to invite you to leave, leave my messy, leaving my frustration, but I do not have the courage even expulsion, which is called the exercise a strong woman?Sadly verification.Suddenly he found himself to be a certain feeling of people are considered very clearly, do not want to owe, do not want trouble, do not want to tie him down, why can not better themselves?Nightlife gateway to confidence.Confidence in me, like a piece of amber will not dare touch for fear of accidentally becomes a real eternal life.Those eyes Xinxian, or those of good faith or pretend to believe, there are so many forces, but confidence is still erratic.They are right, perhaps the book to see much more, know more of the story, but no man took his place, which is that characters in the story, in their own delusional thinking to arrange the progress of the whole story, but is in fact self-deception, even they know is doing something wrong, but still hesitate.  About security.I know, for a long time, no one can give me an absolute sense of security.From the heart filled with a kind of instability, there is no way they will never understand.I never blame anyone and some things, even if others are willing to give, they would not be able to feel, not to mention some things, not to give and give, it is there, no is no, can not catch, can not see.Sometimes, even the people do not know what they need a sense of security, so, what could go ask others?  About joy.It is said that the word free and easy well, people just use bitter.If I deny that they are doing a free and easy to do, no one will want to wake me severely scolded?But the fact is that, does not want to agree with immune.Damn arts, literature thinking damn, damn Lengnuanzizhi, which wants to make things complicated ideas, writing only people who can understand.Sometimes I really wonder, have an ability is not really represent the loss of another capacity?Gains will lose really is.  About pride.At first I thought was another more serious word – dignity.Later, calm down and think about it, the dignity of such words is too strong.Pride, from an early age not want to leave my pride, by their own or someone else has long been a little bit of pride to maintain them, it is not willing to retreat bottom line.If a person stay in another person’s side, and is responsible for responsible for the so-called responsibility, the so-called guilt, the so-called compassion, then it is a satire.For me, that kind of charity is shining shame, in my world, never have to, that kind of responsibility also declined from the bones.Sit down and think yourself into a corner perhaps a thought that he trapped myself, so I’m willing to admit mistakes, but when a person can easily leave these two words to say, and what am I going to Believe?What can go dependence?Whether that’s the case comes from what is the reason, as a way for me is a kind of perfunctory and distance themselves from their excuse.So, no, really do not need.My pride, my people, are not withstand that kind of sting, if want to go, please frankly, I do not owe for any stay, if you want to leave, please, like people who love me, I’m a little proud of maintenance , I would like to believe confidence.  About tingling.Before we say tingling, think of the damage.Many times, I do not choose to hurt, but still passively made a cruel man.But I have been working hard, I try how we can reduce the sting of others to bring as much as possible, damn language, a false meaning sake will reveal a sake will reveal a tingle, perhaps my mind to jump too quickly, others may think of themselves have not thought of expression, but both thought this would not help me not to think about.Right or wrong, I never thought carefully considered clear enough, some things, this is not a clear standard.Fruit is like life, really rare confused.Recently, it has become essential for me tingling feelings, physical tingling, tingling heart, it is difficult to imagine how some time to come, remember a few days before, while forced himself to look at those official books, while viscerally feel sad, reflective night through the glass window, turned around and found himself keep the tears turned to smiles, in fact, ugly.Then ask that images of their own, which is why?Yes ah, why bother, how much little things, it is necessary to torture yourself so you are not adult-like?I know what to do, but to fight with all his might, there is no way to suppress that kind of grief, it’s like a runaway horse completely free from my control, in my body, brain, unscrupulous tour go, feeling a lot of people can not understand, it seems certain that the body tell you, you should be sad, there is no reason.  About cowardly.After experiencing so many things, I thought I was a dare to take the courage to face the people, and should be no oppression can be my breath fishes, but seems to validate the result is not so.Because they were overwhelmed, so I want to own seal it up behind another of their own, quietly hiding, either that the world after a long, noisy crowd that any congestion, in my little world, everything unrelated.Just as there are people who avoid even limit himself said to myself, coward.That her cowardly, cowardly run away, cowardly stood behind everyone to see other people for their own busy, damn cowardly!  In fact, all things eventually there will be an end, no matter in what kind of way, what kind of ending, after all, is to quell a fireworks.Much ado about nothing, fool from the storm, s wisdom wrong.  Headphones just placed a famous Spanish song “noviemblesinti” —- November without you.I want more than that behind you yourself say, you do not October, and more want to say that you will not have your November.    Part Three: There are far distant silence silence, sunset falling residual lonely.Her dance had spread into the night sky.  Puchi, Puchi, it is the heart beat.Consciousness into the quiet, it seems that’s not my heartbeat.This a solitary person, fluctuations quietly moving her heart.Looming feeling lingering.  The field of vision is the night of inspiration.Quiet!This general silence of the night, the sky flashing stars also become clear sound.I stopped looking in the footsteps of the poet’s silence in the picture, the hearts of the ripples is already calm waters, still feeling slightly.Breeze stroked the weary soul, with grass to sing softly whisper away, the shadow of the moon grass fluttering shook, the kind of dance there is a static beauty, but also sound if the nightmare quietly.Quietly listening, that was my soul lopsided footsteps echo, seems to be hearing voices, my thoughts far away in the distance, the heart that is longing for a quiet.  Bow silently, feeling lonely, sigh, the line of sight toward the distance, overlooking the horizon, Shaoyang lean Star.What a graceful blink ah!I discovered how far away from me that silence.  Dreamy summer sky, the stars are not so bright, but it is a little more silence.Quiet!Reality is still blank; no memory of past events; gently close my eyes, time to rotate in a dream, a dream that only a distant silence.