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Part One: Meet Triassic rocks by the call of the wind, should the invitation of rain, the spring and I meet in the beautiful Triassic rocks.I can liken it to you lovely girl?Bamboo is a green silk skirt, trimmed with colorful azaleas; Colorful tree is green, set off by colorful * wildflowers; her summer hat is blue sky, white clouds as trim; breeze blowing, just like her gentle; trickle of water birds, exactly like her voice; her smile is like sunlight flashing in the forest.  I can liken it to do robust boy?He is rock solid muscle, the ridge of his wide shoulders, mountain roots spread his firm steps.He stood there, in a slightly melancholy eyes staring, gazing into a not fall like an immortal legend.  I can liken it to a plain little woman you?No fancy modification, no wavefront flow, the only trace of the wild * Mei mature, but breathtaking, fascinated.  I can liken it to do simple and honest man?Stocky physique, flat chest.Or that it is more like the old man experienced the vicissitudes of many years of dark clouds, so generous in his quiet, deep and kind, each hair are hanging a story, an experience.  In fact, it’s just a mountain, not fame of the Five Sacred Mountains, Huangshan Xiu absolutely not even say it makes you feel strange.But when you stand in front of it, you can smell the rich flavor of the countryside, just like when you’re tired of the evening, marching with heavy steps walking on the way home, and occasionally looked up and saw the roof of the house braved the smoke that a surprise and excitement, the heart will be calm because of it safely.  In fact, it is also because of some of the legends and famous, although these legends are not magnificent, not poignant, not graceful, but exudes a hint of mysterious atmosphere make this place had suddenly become wonderful rustic up.When you taste these popular stories, you feel its rich historical and cultural heritage: the legendary “Shen Shui eyesight” of; the origin of the emperor holes and unicorn dance; the emperor to recognize Mother.The legend in folklore for hundreds of years, and it sounds so kind, like those stories of childhood in her mother’s arms I heard it.  I stopped for standing, spring comes slowly, a smile broke up with me, she said: “I want to stay here forever!”Part II: how many years of life Meet decade, the most beautiful and gorgeous, but the most exciting is between twenty to thirty-year-old right!  When I go through this period of years, really do not have a sigh of life ah!  Yesterday was Christmas Eve, on this Christmas Eve in 2009, I was able to meet with his old high school classmate table spent together, feeling suddenly returned to the student, pure and simple, happy.  Speaking us to come together, this network should also be grateful.After graduating Although we are living in a city, but also from living in such a close proximity, but the opportunity to be able to sit a table for dinner, again there had been none.Sauna net talk about the network, it adds to our lives communication platform, that we can speak freely, enjoy to express their ideas.Only one Q a Q, can be brighter birds to fly, just because a game, we called to battle, than up and down.  I and high school students is a billiard game in Q Q in the meet, for me, just think this game is fun, because there is not much real billiards girls to play, so it can only play some fantasy online , because they are no playmates to play, only to play online, so you an me one of.While playing the game I like View profile, when you see Sylvia diary written each story is so familiar, and then through the chat know that we are old school, lamented the small world ah!  One to two to go, similar to Christmas Eve dinner together, in order to make the meal more meaningful, we did not go to a restaurant, but at home their own hands, I was responsible for a cook, who along the way, to be honest I have not done dishes, just read others do or read from books, tell them when they get to practice hand, the beginning of their good surprise, think it should be very unpalatable, but I was the main 得理不饶人 tell them, or else do it yourself, I’m ready to eat, they do not have a meeting again and justice, is indeed the old school together to do this than really understanding, the pick vegetables, vegetable, and agile start playing well, not for a while, a good dinner on appeared on the desktop, drink a toast, really happy, the taste of food is also very delicious, everyone recalled scenes of school days together.Truancy together, punished to stand together, to join the school in various competitions, to join * oath, into the society together, everyone has experienced no resistance, there is honed, when we were in high school introversion grid * people, poor expression, and now we have learned how to strain setbacks, how sleek express their attitudes and ideas.  The total time rush, we give up in the end of this gathering, we meet only after a time, we should get together and give each other the opportunity to talk with each other to relax.    Part Three: Meet Rose accidental clicks, resulting in sparks pouring, love rain, deep affection, favors; hate, not seeing her, and instantly where she was?Want, not seen, that distant to her, if I count on?Acacia me.With a network cable, you and I are hiding her you and I do not I am familiar with you in the corner, knocking their own keyboard, to convey illusory love.  Initially, it may also play, added hormones is bored lonely heart was no longer emptiness; you and I fill her in each other’s emptiness, looking for a peaceful; let lonely lonely some fun colors.  As the saying goes: soon fell in love, if speculative talk, minds, it needs; you and I feel like a spring shower, Chunxindangyang each other are soaked in a sponge of love.  You my eyes, I have not seen your face; you are my words, you had never asked my name; still, I never asked you that live in that city; still, I never asked you that own conditions and family.  In fact unnecessary, like a person is no reason, why these red tape to tie you to my contacts.If you and I have asked each other, that is, in the eyes of secular secular try to figure out you and me.  However, you and I are not cookie cutter, each of which is burning their hearts love the raging fire by dumping; really nothing to fall back, goodwill and fired their arrows shuttle Chubby listed in the cable inside; flying over thousand mountains, through reinforced concrete city, I finally put you in their corner incident.  In the exchanges, vaguely see a veil blocking my sight, I would like to efforts to uncover the veil and see your true.However, I am confused, there has never been so timid.I always daring, have become so timid, frightened Joseph pray you do not have to be wrapped in the TV drama flimsy veil in front of me.  And if you always shadow if now, ambiguous, free in my side; I can not see, touch or smell vain; really hate, you are not my fingers clamped cigarettes; otherwise, I would like you Like my lungs to breathe smoke; this way, you will not be far away from my heart a.  Sometimes, you will indulge me.In the other end of the cable you hurry, blindly admit, I was in this first cable dumb smile.You feel very lovely, especially like the sickly Lin, almost the case, there are too harsh, Lianxiangxiyu.And you do not know, afraid I get angry, you will quickly put those kisses, love you, kiss, hug pictures like snowflakes floated.  At this point, I was feeling the love in you.If you read a sinking heart, heart moving, emotional ties to my heart, smile.I hate that you have separated thousands of miles away from the, otherwise, I will walk hand in hand with you: love, then quietly, carefully Xinyu, lingering ear; snuggle with you, standing face to face, pounding heartbeat, fragrant perspiration dripping; I will gently try to go your sweat, your breathing fragrance.  And I, for you have a transcendent leaning Chennai, can you say that this is love?  And I, at all times concerned about a person that you!  And I opened the computer, you care about whether you’re online?  And I still do not know What’s your name?  In fact, it does not matter, is a code name.As long as I love you, why should we care about a code, not to mention I know your network name, which is your code, similar to Rose yo