About simple article

Part one: you simply have fond memories of the years of memories, my lips unconsciously trembling, over the gentle cheeks with both hands, drawing you into the heart to go through.  You smile that feeling, getting dragged me crossing the road.Just unnecessary discomfort, look at you with him my sad.Once you simply incense quiet, I blame hint of sadness, let us become friends.Tears from flowing out of the gentle heart, you always say I’m weak.Moving the time change, or stop you and his smile.Memories of love so helpless, I sometimes still can not be assured.At that time, your phone sounds familiar, I seem to see the savior.Just like you helpless in my heart, I began to understand the motivation.  When you simply go back to my heart?Now I have become a touch of nostalgia.You and I have always agreed, is lost in love lies.I elapsed feelings, but you will not remember my vision of love.Let love stop at the moment of encounter, you will find me endless sad.  Along the track looking for an innocent smile, so warm stopped at the edge of the creek.Gradually changed my views on love, tears back into my chest, if time can be repeated, and I would really love you, nest egg in mind, built into our best wishes, all this will not be destined, there is the illusion of a bomb, I imagine the seasons change, I change the language of your knitting, drawing out the moment I cry.  I picked up the cards on the table, the memory of hearts A, kept playing in his hand, but can not find you said forever.The two sides apart with you, I understand, everything will become Oliver, there is in my heart, I began feeling.  When you simply go back to my eyes?Now I have become a touch of nostalgia.You and I have fragments of the past, is the story surfaced in the water.I discarded the oath, and you no longer see my deep-seated Qiannian.Let memories stop at the rainbow connection, can you shed tears?I miss spread.  Sometimes I still dream of that year you snuggle next to me in the picture, I gradually into a hypnotic feeling, so miss stop in the year of mutual interest, and slowly close my eyes.    Part II: pure love in a crisp autumn season, I carried the wishes of their parents, with your full of longing to go very far away.  There filled my fantasy, a person can send nerve in the end to what extent, I can see the.  I do not know if that’s correct, but there is no regret.  Know a lot of friends, I was afraid of street lights in the evening, I was afraid of a man crossing the street at night, but where you are, I suddenly felt the whole street light is so beautiful, there is no fear.It could be so magical.You say that because you are.I think it is true.  Middle of the night, suddenly woke up, then how could not sleep.  Open the phone, oh, shut down.on purpose.Nightlife net deliberately shut down, you can not silly to wait for your information and a wild guess, they do not suppress their inner thoughts and then the gall to call you.All this, because there is no downtime.But why, why did you give me charge calls.  I am very sensitive.We are sensitive to all things food.  I hate myself.Of their hated everything.  Some people may not know how I was a state of mind.Sometimes even their own do not know the.  Nevertheless, people who die alive.Gouqietousheng alive.Disgusting alive.  Do not drink too much, actually vomited.Badly uncomfortable.This is self-inflicted.  Dark outside, ah, dark night, people can not sleep properly empty.  Thoughts fly non-stop, non-stop turn, eventually you always stay there.  You sleep it?Because of the sleep it.  Sleep well.Dear.    Part three: find a pure snow has of water, water has become ice, gingerly stepping messy nuggets, carefully go.  I can not see the wind was cut into pieces of dark clouds in the haze of snowing, those black birds flying in the icy silence of the air, leaving no trace of wings, branches and leaves on the Indus fall together when accompanied by snow , while the branches have started to become bald Wu after the snow, only the red slightly yellow roses have not had time to die, I know Fading is true while flowering is past.  I specifically note that the corners of the mouth to the school of the Indus, Indus leaves change, colorful, had no insects cicada Yin, there is no trace of soft rain, a burst of autumn, leaves as silhouette of rolled Yi Mei, write to make beautiful, and It is a reincarnation of parting.A frost, a recall of the tortuous experience; a winter snows, is back on the stick secrets.  I began to think that the world is not as we would like the barren, give yourself a meditation, the world would become a barren gorgeous, pale white by the change, by the boom chaos becomes quiet, I just want to stand in this world edge quietly watching, not doing their own spectators, but do your own followers, from beginning to end, from the past to the future..  I’m looking for just a simple, then hands hold up the chin, quietly watching innocence eyes and gentle and sweet smile.But the humble desire to have become luxury, the more time I saw only one round of the waves, to see just hide in a calm turbulent underwater fight.  Red drunk, tipsy years, everyone has a period in the past, want to hide, but trying to hide something; everyone has a memory of, want to hide, but in growth.  The sun had come out, I did not feel too cold, the sun warm and soft here, no longer through the lush summer foliage crushing and glare, we can look at the sun for a long time, you do not have to go after the thorn sore eyes panic looking for memories.Covered with a layer of footprints in the snow, we are proud to step on the footprints!  Do not praise me, I’m afraid to fall, and will fall than anyone else miserable!