About sluggish articles

Part One: sluggish life these days feel that their life is relatively sluggish, former ambitious, and now decadent malaise.  I think maybe life is too dull some because of it, the whole day repeating the same work, not tired nor idle.  Simple life so that I seem to lose these old ideas, all kinds of ideals that are now a long time not to seriously consider a major event in his life.  How to say, now that they have identified the twenties, but also smoothly graduated from college, though not a good school, but after all, is a university graduate.  I have not graduated, I had many times to plan my future life, but really it after graduation?I did a little of what it?  All day holding some unrealistic fantasy, but not seriously ponder the future of life in the end is how one thing, then, is likely to be ruthlessly eliminated out of the social.  Originally, the time had to buy a notebook, the plan is to be used as a platform to a higher own more recent tool, but when I come back I used to buy really done it?Watching movies, animation.  Each time, when he started awakening, are fool ourselves.So that their wasting of youth do not feel pain.  Constantly to escape the real side of life, but with their own fictional side to deceive themselves, and thus, sluggish live life, almost complete loss of initiative.    Part II: sluggish time I am guilty of sin can not be forgiven.  For years, the age of the flower so that it withered sad, not brilliant blooming beauty.Always front and rear, with non, clear and muddy wandering ruined quarter after quarter of flowering, not only wasted the years, more time is sluggish.  Heart tears, offer all kinds of vain, hiding look slack, his eyes dull memories, greeting invitation.Left alone, seeding, together with a palpitation, butterfly into the sky in a curtain dream fear, paranoia to lingering nightmare crossed a earthly troubles.In front of the mirror of their own decadent perfunctory smile, thinking so indulge in a dream, the heart may be able to suppress the tears, then weave an excuse for all kinds of deceptive comfort of their own cycle of Fall again.  Nightmare, is empty, wake up everything is false.I take a sauna net Love Lane giggle, then let’s hourglass timer time, in a hurry to say goodbye to the bustling few set, unaware.This is my sorrow, regret in sorrow, keep the past memories, wanton flipping through a picture of the new time, its eleven sluggish.  Fate to be put in the bud, as a passionate young life, really should not be incorporated into all kinds of reality to tie him down, not blooming, already dying, or at a loss, you can only hide in the corner of the night, alone, dejected La Tortura.  That omnipotent, can carry all the disasters themselves, or can not avoid overload of trivia, like surrounds with all the thorns, full of traps, for fear his footing will be beyond redemption, the slightest mistake, both physically and mentally tired all hurt, I consider myself not healing expert, not a born optimist, you can not go much ado about nothing, but step by step, always thrilling, stumbled last resort.  Looking back to when the road, there is no way no path, really curious about how hobbled come today.  Stop overlooking the front of a confused, in fear, unwilling to take the legs to go open up a new road on its way, and now like a very frightened, no longer own a test of patience and a desperate struggle.Pressure overload, not enough solid shoulders can not afford the additional overdraft, desperation, can only indulge yourself, sluggish time in the best years.  This unassuming character, now obliterated close to the weakness, this weakness was also become the main theme, How sad indeed!Even if the regulation in the distance walking, suddenly setback will make people fall into the abyss, no longer climbing instinct.Without climbing instinct it does not matter, as long as people are still going hope, however, misunderstandings of morals, one is not careful, it will no longer be able to turn around falling into the trap, trapped many years in prison.  Exhausted all efforts, earned a survival effort, Lai live in a big crowd.  When hesitation years slip through our fingers, hovering between weight loss and malaise time.