What is the constellation of 11 years and 27 years old

Sagittarius is the constellation born on the 27th of the 11th year. Sagittarius was born on the 23rd of the 11th year of the new calendar-the 21st of the 12th year of the new calendar.. Sagittarius, also known as Sagittarius, fire sign, is located in the ninth sign of the zodiac. Jupiter is the dominant star.. Sagittarius is very open and extroverted, and hates affectation.. Vigorous action and curiosity kept the striker from stopping for a moment.. Sagittarius loves freedom and will inevitably indulge in self-indulgence, easily becoming irresponsible and mentally immature..   Sagittarius is an adventurer in the twelve constellations, like the arrow on the string, likes to take the initiative to attack.. Love travel, quick action. Very good friends, very handout spirit, friends all over the world, there are noble people everywhere. But sometimes speaking too directly offends people without realizing it.. It is too hasty to do things with a little thoughtlessness.. Not abiding by the rules, occasionally humor too much, do things quickly without paying attention to details, easy to make mistakes, sometimes appear half-hearted, very careless or too free, thus giving people a sense of loose.   Sagittarius is a dreamer who pursues freedom. Freedom, optimism, enthusiasm and straightforwardness are their labels.. To be a person is very magnanimous, treat people sincerely and warmly, natural disposition is humorous, very know how to enjoy life.. People with the sun in Sagittarius are optimistic, frank, intelligent and very popular.. I like to be independent, intuitive and inspiring, open-minded, adaptable, informal, adventurous and novel..   Sagittarius people are good at philosophical thinking, full of lofty sense of justice, optimistic by nature, free-spirited and have many ideals.. Work input, high efficiency, can hold several positions, but often is anticlimactic, easy to give up halfway. Due to outspoken, careless, easy to make people feel no sense of responsibility, sometimes blind optimism.   Sagittarius loves freedom, does not want to be regulated, has the same style of work as the wind, has the same behavior as the fans, and shows a sunny flour to others. Tears and sorrows are all left in the blanket of inside. However, Sagittarius who pursues freedom will inevitably be fettered by love in the process of being bohemian.. Sagittarius is very good at hiding real feelings. In my heart, 10,000 Grass Mud Horse are still hahaha on the surface.. Others can’t hold the archer’s bottom line and weakness, let a person Hate but love! Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.