What is the constellation of 11 years and 28 years old

Eleven years, 28 years old, Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and Jupiter is the dominant star.. To be a person is very magnanimous, treat people sincerely and warmly, natural disposition is humorous, very know how to enjoy life.. He is optimistic, frank and intelligent.. People with the sun in Sagittarius are usually optimistic and very popular.. I like to be independent, intuitive and inspiring, open-minded, adaptable, informal, adventurous and novel..   Sagittarius is very open and extroverted, and hates affectation.. Vigorous action and curiosity kept the striker from stopping for a moment.. Sagittarius loves freedom and will inevitably indulge in self-indulgence, easily becoming irresponsible and mentally immature.. Sagittarius is adventurous and quick in action.. Very good friends, very handout spirit, friends all over the world, there are noble people everywhere; Energetic, devoted to work, efficient, can hold several positions, but is often anticlimactic, easy to give up halfway and careless..   Love to explore new world and knowledge fields, expand and extend the existing world.. Their inner driving force lies in breaking through boundaries, exploring the future and seeking faith in choosing life. Sagittarius’ real source of optimism lies in their inner passion and loyalty to life and life.. Sagittarius’s restless nature makes them unwilling to live a life of food and clothing for ordinary people.. Sagittarius look like crazy people, but they are actually a group of people with strong opinions.. They have their own judgment and opinions on things, although they are seldom expressed in the crowd, which does not mean that their thoughts are drifting with the tide..   Sagittarians are careless and outspoken, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage.. They don’t understand the world, compare themselves, and are not good at observing and judging. They often offend others.. Sagittarius loves fantasy and often has unrealistic thoughts.. They love freedom and are self-centered, but they are often hard to believe because of lack of responsibility.. Emotionally, shooters are always indecisive in dealing with multiple choices.. The joys and sorrows often take on various forms and are easy to be exploited by others.. Blindly optimistic attitude will also make oneself unable to find a correct outlook on life.. The opposite characteristic of action is lack of determination.. Although shooters are strong in action, they will expose their shortcomings of lack of patience and unflinching will once they encounter difficulties or difficulties for a long time.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.