What constellation is the 4th of the 11th

The constellation born on the 4th of 11th is Scorpio, and the birth date of Scorpio is from the 23rd of October to the 23rd of 11th. Scorpio, a water sign, is located in the eighth sign of the zodiac. Pluto is the guardian star.. So Scorpio’s direct impression is mysterious. Scorpio people are good at keeping secrets, and it is difficult to pry information out of their mouths. once Scorpio has a goal, it will persevere, accomplish it without fear of setbacks, and have strong execution and good insight..   The sun sign born in autumn is stubborn and deep in Scorpio. Because of the constellation Aquarius and being born in the fading autumn, they are emotionally sensitive and sensitive, often self-centered, but usually Scorpio is affectionate and affectionate. Although they look calm and taciturn on the surface, their hearts are choppy.. For emotional betrayal absolutely can’t stand, belongs to the type of Dare to Love dare to hate. Careful thinking and consideration are Scorpio’s greatest advantages, but they are seldom shown..   No matter how complicated problems you encounter in your life, instead of being bored, you will find your life full of fun and challenges, and will actively face them with an optimistic attitude.. I am always grateful to those who have helped me.. The satisfaction of enjoying rights is more prominent in the birth Horoscope when Mars has greater influence in Aries, Scorpio or Capricornus, or in signs I, X, VII or IV of the zodiac..   Scorpio must be tight-lipped about other people’s secrets, with a heavy heart of defense, and will hardly put all his trust in anyone.. He has a strong sixth sense, mysterious perception and keen observation, but often still makes decisions by feeling.. Due to their strong self-control and mysterious color, they often give people the illusion of being inaccessible and frosty..   Scorpio’s possessiveness and control are both extremely strong and do not achieve their goals, Savage Justice.. They are mysterious, sexy, Dare to Love dare to hate, strong self-awareness, revenge psychology. Is a wonderful flower in Black belly. For emotional betrayal absolutely can’t stand, belongs to the type of Dare to Love dare to hate. They have extremely hot feelings, but most of them are hidden deep, usually seem to be a more amiable person, generally do not erupt, when the outbreak is absolutely spewing out, with a strong deterrent force. In a word, Scorpio is a constellation with a sense of responsibility, a sixth sense of accuracy, a sense of mystery, strong willpower and a strong desire to dominate in one The Amalgamation of Ice and Fire.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.