I have found.

  ”Woke up?Something to eat.”
  He just wanted to sit on the edge of the bed helped her up, she severely beat his open hand, “do not eat!”
  ”Yes, the only effort to get angry,” he Gouzhao lips, despite her struggles, leaned over to pick up her smiling, “after eating’ll take a dip in the pool warm, ah?”
  She Tuck, the wound: “You are the birds.Beast it?I can not read him now, last night, so that you do not.”She always did his cheeky, she spoke she could not get.
  Smile on his face deeper, holding her to go to the direction of huts, “Yes, I am the birds.Beast, good, eat something.”
  Fortunately, only two of them here, not afraid of being seen, long micro Sim beginning also feel uncomfortable, accustomed to back up thick skinned.
  After dinner, he took her Paowan warm water in Vientiane candle deep inside, again took her to the glass stream habitat.
  Warm water for him kinship useless, but good for ordinary human beings, really refreshing after the past Paowan, whole body fatigue swept away, who felt the pain of the place does not hurt.
  When into the house, she is also comfortable nest Chu Ling hold her in his arms