I do not care.”He lowered his voice and said:” But dare to overcast, I want to ten times your money back.”

“Twenty times.”The more products coldly:” I’ll help you put that person behind hiding to find out.”

“He is a politician, ruined his reputation and henchmen.”

“He is a businessman, he would get so far in fiscal perishes.”

So find yourself more aware are they not get it, hold back a long while before.

“Then you talk, I go upstairs with children.”

Chapter 88

Also the night with the fastest time to sort it out a general context, and began to think of ways to find traces of poison before those who.

Some things can be deleted and erased, even if the four have a camera, but the investigation more difficult, too high.

And the other part is to track, but the other party will deliberate cover even misleading.

For example, they found in the palace complex bearing several pairs of bugs – some subtle as a millet to, people completely unable to put these things together.

Eavesdropper has the ability to transmit signals itself, the secret may then pass outwardly compressed information after completing –

However, according to their analysis, IP will automatically jump to Egypt and Ethiopia and other regions, completely unable to track the specific location.