Do not cry cry.”Cheng Dong patted her thin back,” distant, I do not hate you, never, really.”

  ”I.That day I was in front of her crying one afternoon, he lost the dead.Go back to school and a fever, has bad dreams, you say you hate me.”XIA away, raising his hand to hammer away at the shoulder and winter, thirteen-year-old grievances to hold twenty-three, like all more than tenfold like.
  ”I do not hate you, I never hated you.”Cheng Dong paused, the side head side, put his lips attached XIA away from the ear, carefully dig the lungs and heart to cross, she said,” distant, I love you, I’ve always liked you, just like you.”
  XIA drive away, raising his hand hugged winter shoulder, the tears just pouring out of rubs his Jianwo, has been spent rubs up against his own cry face rub clean, would the rise.
  Face red from crying do not know, or hear confession blushing, clear bright eyes, like being bathed in the night sky after rain washed starlight, sparkling circulation, amidst floating.
  She drum with soft cheeks, biting his lower lip bright red, clearly has not been restored Cheng Dong phrase sincere confession, but want to drive propped winter shoulder stand up, do not know want to do