Yu Chak What immortal masterpiece!A singer, even mastering all playing themselves!

  She quickly went to see the basic information of the other songs, the other six songs, too, it was full of basic information Yu Ze’s name!
  Gongnian Yu could not help think of the time when she asked Donna, the little girl’s face categorically: “We do not need production team.”
  She thought it was only just the other side of decline.
  .I did not expect really do not need.
  Yu Chak have, we have a whole production team.
  The car behind Gongnian Yu urged the siren sounded a string, she looked up and saw that the red light is converted into green light, she quickly opened the car go forward, headphones singles aired from scratch after a pause two seconds play up.
  Listen to the second song in the heart of the atmosphere is more obvious.
  Gong Nianyu think of yesterday exposure of the “little sister”, Yu Ze calls the “Bo Dina”, suddenly laughed out.
  So this is ah.
  Bo Dina do not know what kind of person, even Yu Ze understand style of the iceberg men have had to go?
  Gongnian Yu Yu Ze beat MV decided to wait, they must make time to visit the set, take a look at the legendary “little sister” in the end what kind.
  Yu Pei standing in front of a condo, hundreds of times to press the secret