Stars carefully attached to the body, a language unknown to the stairs and walked.

And Wu’s face on a more natural, as if he did not find Wei Zhen An already see the way he stole the stars, look smilingly walked around Ann Wei Zhen, “Ann Masters, I’ll take you.”

After Wei Zhen An indifferent looked at him, saw Wu took the lead upstairs, and softly opening: “Having said that, where is your father go?”

Her voice was cold, when it whispered with a little ethereal sound, like floated out of thin air movement so that Wu was almost Caikong the stairs, his breathing twice a lingering fear greatly looked back at Ann Wei Zhen said: “Ann masters, you do not talk so suddenly ah, almost scared me.”

An Wei Zhen provoke brow, “how very scary?”

Wu sigh, “This house is now too scary, scare me now, I feel I could go Half-Life.”

An Wei Zhen meaningful look at him, slow voice said: “Well, talk about your father, now living or?”

Wu looked at her sternly, “Freeze said Ann Masters you can, of course, my father was alive and well, but Well”

He said the meal, Wei Zhen safe standing distance of about two positions again soon