Color, seemed worried.

  ”Leaves Big Brother, you will not blame my dad, right.”
  White leaf helpless smile, in Xue Qingqing head rub a few times.·
  ”No, poor parental love, he can do this to you, I am also relieved.”
  Xue Qingqing although I was very pleased, but still revealing an unhappy expression.
  ”This is what you tone ah, how like you are my dad, like!”
  ”Ha ha ha.”
  They are talking and laughing when the phone rings leaf white video calls sound, see the word Tong Tong, Xue Qingqing face slightly changed.
  ”Leaves Big Brother, this is your girlfriend?”
  Ye White nodded his head, “I talked with my girlfriend for a while, you are free.”
  Then, it leaves white found a place where no one with Shangguan Tong Niwai for a while, after all, a birthday, or to see a face of.
  I asked about living in Dubai, Tong Shangguan off fairly smoothly.
  Originally white leaf Tong Tong want to contact about the rich and powerful in Dubai, what seems to be called emir, then leaves white save him try any time, but promised to Ye Bai Yidong commercial building.
  But Shangguan Tong does not like to owe favors, but she is not quite a man