The brothel or stay in the palace, she is not the final say Bowen?

“Well, this letter, you will sense it directly to Luo Fan.”Jiang Chu will be handed the letter to Yao Ji.
Yao Ji looked at the open, “Well,” a cry: “Sun steward wrote?”
Jiang Chu smiled and shook his head: “Where is he has so much ability can imitate the handwriting?But he is just there to keep a pen and ink Langkawi former master, after Langkawi homes searched, he deliberately copy everything he knows, I borrowed, let Wu cited to imitate the handwriting to write this letter.”
Yao Ji Mouguang slightly narrowed: “Wu cited the?”
Jiang Chu blinked: “Yes ah, he is a scholar, although looking at the scrubby appearance and good for nothing, but whatever the outcome in the tree, and I had just try looking for him, no one thought he really calligraphy Yes, there are ninety percent like imitation, ordinary people to really see the difference.”
Wu cited the name, not much in the number of mouth Jiang Chu appears, it can be said that so far, only the second time with Chu Kang Ji-Yao brought him for the first time or the first time Wu cited the emergence of