People feel terrible, not to mention or kidnapping.

  This division Xuan people, has not just ruin the character, was capable of such criminal acts of kidnapping, she is on the dangerous elements of this society is poor heinous criminals.
  Users are in Prague, it came to be, according to the police announcement, the kidnappers confessed that they kidnapped Sheng Joe not to kill, requires employers is strong.Rape her, recording video.
  Domestic users really shocked speechless the.
  How could someone bad to such a degree?
  If you do not hold Joe’s struggling, not that car accident, they are now mocking, is not that the innocent victim?
  Xuan do not want to get out of the entertainment division, and just let her legal sanctions, severely sanction her, let no right to interfere capital, let the bad guys get their comeuppance.
  Joe powder lacking media personnel, the judiciary, naturally know how to use public opinion to reduce the influence of interference division’s capital.You hurt the people we love, we will not let go.
  Under pressure from all sides, Shi Xuan confess.
  She provided the shooting schedule, staff accommodation situation “world is so big” program group calendar and so on to land high Mei Ling, to facilitate their plan to kidnap.
  Legally, she can only be counted as participating in such acts, not the mastermind, it can actually be given a lighter sentence of.But because both she and Joe Sheng’s own fame,