Before, put the wine pushed to the front of him: “Qin young master, I have a business, I do not know you have no interest?”

  This all happened the bar, Qin Bo not know, he just looked in the eyes of the bird ghost, his face and time to see her as ugly on time.
  Na Nvgui looked at him and Zhou Yu encounter ugly face, and I feel just fine, she glanced around, that day has been handed a police consultant division responsible for a glimpse of the ghost character to this good and this ghost direct dialogue.
  ”What do you want to do?”In this effort will, the reading room and in a coma for several people.He and first floor of the players communicated, there is less number of people in a coma, but there are seven or eight people.
  Just two reading room, there are now thirty personal unconscious, not to mention the rest scattered people.If they are really out of trouble, not to mention that his responsibility is to his boss also can not afford to be magnanimous.
  ”What I did not do it,” Na Nvgui see their faces, you know the initiative in their own hands, she beware of these people suddenly launched an attack, but not before so nervous, “We talk about a deal, OK?To life for life, a life for a life of so many people, how do you think this deal?”
  This ghost spoke on chuckled, as well as empty