Employees to sign exemption agreements.New recruits, particularly those of the personnel hired from other companies, the mail within six months of entry, the meeting will be very strict records management, records need to look over all the work by the lawyers of the Ministry of Justice, the proper preservation.

Chapter 193 research workers

  America’s most deadly intellectual property disputes are not patent litigation, patent litigation as a means of evidence too mild, the lack of strong criminal investigative techniques, detention measures and criminal penalties.By comparison between the FBI and state police responsible for leading investigations of corporate trade secrets “Running” more deadly.
  Li Xuan later on in Silicon Valley have heard of the company was to pit their employees, and some technicians perform the rules and regulations do not consciously, like the company’s file download will be home to watch, and this will leave the company computer to download records.Once the employee resigns, if switched to competitors, as long as the original company accused the workers of illegal downloading stealing company secrets, you can not tell that there are mouth.
  After a such a case, many companies will have to prevent, in advance of filing a set of designated lawyers to prevent falling into the same trap.If the theft of trade secrets between American companies themselves better to say something, but when it comes to foreign companies, almost no justice at all.Especially as future generations of Chinese enterprises to continuously involved in similar cases, unless you have perfect evidence pick their own, or as long as the other party to find an excuse to tell you, whether you are not really theft suspects, FBI would favor the United States on charges of enterprises that you set up.
  ”General Lee, the first projects we primaries and the mainland research institutions has ended,