Four eye shadow, blush three, three repair capacity, high-five, finishing powder three kinds, four kinds of lipstick, final spray plus hold & raincoats and eyebrows, as well as tooth paste and perfume.

  [.I was completely ignorant of straight men forced a]
  [My girlfriend two hours to feel out what actually not]
  [Buddy is you, not killed ah?]
  [My girlfriend including bath shampoo, at least four hours, her dressing table, I think probably enough for me to buy a car son]
  [My wife and I reported cosmetics every quarter of the price, in fact, I know, wife.]
  [Wiping his face so many things, actually there will be no makeup like effect, really amazing, ah]
  [Straight men are dumbfounded to see it?Only in fairy face will be so shocked]
  [Really shocked, and not of the technology, as in many, many shots actually live]
  [It must also shocking than the makeup of those big face, ah, a push of things, not of complete technology like, but obviously not the same]
  Lu seventy-one get a cast, in an interview with a shot to the back side of the artist, “Today I would be the host of the bar?”
  [Fairy you really very impressive, I did not want to eighteen years old girl]
  [Looks like, do not like temperament]
  [I would like to say this, just press conferences when longevity carry the audience ah]
  [This is a naive girl that some talented eighteen]
  [Indeed, look at those with talent