His paycheck.

  He felt that, by Yao Ji ceremony with care, it is a happy thing too.More than one kind of like strong emotions from his veins, such as ground-breaking as take out.His eyes burning stick on the side of Yao Ji Yan ceremony.
  At this point, around pedestrians have stopped, are directed at the top of his head before Lin-sheng, screams, followed by the sound of praise sounded, everyone pulled out a cell phone
  Forest Health subconsciously followed upward, Ji Yao gift warm big hands wrapped around his hand.
  Lin-sheng this view, he could not hear any sound, leaving only their own heartbeat ears “thump, thump” out of order.
  Center Building in front of a full forty-three stories, this time on the exterior glass light lit white background, emerges above the hollow black English, mingled with a big pink love:
  I love you, forest.
  I’m sorry, I will not bother you through my life.
  I love you, Lin-sheng.
  Excuse me, I want to trouble you for a lifetime.

Chapter 73
  Lin-sheng red-eyes, to see Yao Ji ceremony.
  Yao Ji ceremony at him bent lips, “Today is not that I love